Matt Gage: Who’s Relevant, Who’s Irrelevant?


Every week, RI Relevant’s Matt Gage will break down who’s relevant and who isn’t relevant. A student at Catholic University in Washington D.C., he’s got his ear to the ground. Therefore, he’ll focus on national politics and issues. But he’ll sprinkle in some sports and local news from time to time as well. 

Matt is a South Kingstown native and former Hendricken High School Class President (2017). He’s a political science major. Send him an email at


A sports book tote board, coming to a state near you

Sports Betting – In a 6-3 decision on Monday, the Supreme Court effectively killed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This decision thus allows for the state of New Jersey – who brought the case to the High Court – to allow and regulate sports gambling as the state sees fit. With PASPA having been deemed an infringement to state sovereignty, this ruling grants all states the authority to decide the fate of sports gambling in their respective state. Now, “what happens in Vegas” no longer stays in Vegas. 

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Justify – Trainer Bob Baffert and jockey Mike Smith had nothing left to “Justify” after the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby. Coming out of Churchill Downs without a speck of mud on his body, Justify showed the world that he runs to win – and win BIG. Can the powerful trio cross the finish line in the same spotless style on Saturday at the running of the Preakness Stakes? Get your bets in!

This man keeps promises, Matt Gage argues. 

President Trump – Love him or hate him, President Trump aims to be a man of his word. Having effectively scrapped former President Obama’s deal with Iran, Trump now looks to finalize peace and complete de-nuclearization in North Korea. Having just effectively negotiated the release of three American captives from the Kim regime, President Trump and Secretary Pompeo look to keep the ball rolling in June when they meet at the scheduled summit with the Korean leader.


John Kelly – In a recent interview, President Trump’s Chief of Staff exposed a soft spot in the current administration. Referring to the President as being “somewhat embarrassed” of the ongoing special investigation into Russian interference, Kelly may have just set the media up for open season on President Trump. If anything, comments like this only fuel the resurgence of Russian-American collusion accusations to the forefront of many news outlets. This headache for the White House may be long from over.

Kelly Sadler – In another leak from the White House, Kelly Sadler – a special assistant for surrogate communications – was exposed for having made a truly distasteful comment about Senator John McCain. Noting McCain’s opposition to Gina Haspel as President Trump’s nominee for CIA Director, Sadler shrugged off the Senator’s opposition, stating “he’s dying anyway,” in reference to the Senator’s failing health as a result of his cancer.

Nancy Pelosi – With Paul Ryan retiring at the end of his term, all eyes are on both prominent Democrat and Republican leaders in 2018. With Democrats confident in their opposition of President Trump, Nancy Pelosi may be preparing to return to her role as Speaker of the House. Expect some infighting amongst Democrats – Nancy isn’t even very popular among them. Should we expect a new face from the left?  Should we even expect a Democrat at all? We shall find out in November.

Matt Gage
A South Kingstown native and former Hendricken High School Class President (2017), Matt Gage is a political science major at Catholic University. Send him an email at