Giannini: What’s in? What’s Out? August 31st


What’s In

Farewell Maverick

A country mourns Senator John McCain,” The Maverick”, who passed away last week. He leaves a legacy of public service, heroism, and commitment.

The state of Arizona mourns the loss of its hero. Our hearts and thoughts are with the McCain family at this sad time. Cancer has no bounds and it continues to take our best and rip out our hearts.

Harry and Meghan

The Prince and Princess continue to woo the world with their down to earth grace and personalities.  on Wednesday, night the couple went to the London premiere of “Hamilton” making a hit themselves amongst the cast and crew. Princess Diana’s legacy certainly was that she taught both her children how to interact with the public and the community they represent. Kudos to Harry and Meghan!

Campaign commercials

It’s begun–the nonstop political commercials have swamped the airways. Some are truthful, some are not. You be the judge. Is anyone else looking forward to September 13th?  How about all the mail? Wow! I think the mailmen must be tired!

Countdown to Primary Day

Speaking of which, these last 13 days will be busy for the many candidates who are running.. Don’t forget that Primary day is on a Wednesday this year, Sept.12th, instead of a Tuesday because of the Jewish holiday. This year your votes are more important than ever!

If you want a change, you have to be part of it! So get out and vote and get your family and friends to vote too! It’s our right, our privilege and our duty! 

What’s Out

No justice in New Mexico

Children are being held captive in a compound, mistreated and abused. A three-year-old was found dead. What is going on in our country? Outrage of the week is the judge who freed this despicable crew on a technicality! This sickens my stomach to think that these children were kept captive and abused by terrorists who were supposedly training  them for violent acts of terror. They were shown on the news smiling as they were freed. It is disgusting. I have no words for it and continue to shake my head in disbelief.

Crowded Hospitals

There are overcrowded emergency rooms at local hospitals. With the closing of Pawtucket Memorial Hospital, local emergency rooms have had long waits and overcrowding causing hospital staff to be overworked and distressed.

We are all still waiting for something to be done to help this crisis and correct a mistake that should never have occurs. Time to bring back Pawtucket Memorial or a similar health facility. Now that Pawtucket has lost the PawSox, it’s time to concentrate on getting their Hospital back.

Its not too late. Rhode Island needs it.

The Turkey Trot Continues

The infamous third turkey🦃 continues to trot through Johnston.  This is one smart bird! This turkey has managed to escape capture from animal control officers and The Mayor.  Now, Mayor Joe Polisena, who has not lost his sense of humor, said they will set a humane trap for the turkey at an undisclosed location. Okay, I love Mayor Polisena, he is a friend and former colleague but I have one question! Why not disclose the location; will the turkey read it and know ?Ha! Ha!

One has to admit this turkey has caused some trauma.   Residents were afraid to get out of their cars for fear the turkey would attack them. The turkey has darted in and out of traffic causing havoc. The turkey even has a Facebook page. By the way, I think we should name the turkey Johnnie or Johnna after the town of Johnston. It’s only fair and only in Rhode Island!

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at