Cranston Mayor Allan Fung Endorsed By State Republican Party

Allan Fung and Campaign Spokesman Andrew Augustus at the RI State GOP Convention earlier this summer.

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung won the endorsement of the Rhode Island Republican State Central Committee on Wednesday evening in the race for Governor.

The Republican Mayor won the majority of the secret ballots cast at the statewide convention–making him the GOP’s endorsed candidate in the race. Fung is seeking a rematch against Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo, whom he narrowly lost to in 2014.

“I’m so proud that we’re uniting the party faithful and focusing our eyes on one target: the Governor’s seat. Gina Raimondo and her incompetent administration have to go,” Fung said in his victory speech.

(Raimondo faces former Secretary of State Matt Brown in the Democratic Primary.)

“It’s time to run on our vision of building stronger communities, a stronger business environment, and stronger safeguards for the taxpayer.”

Fung Takes Aim At Raimondo

Fung also promised the creation of a line-item veto, an inspector general, common sense welfare reforms that include work-requirements for the able bodied, an end to pet projects that benefit political insiders.

“It’s time to run on our vision of building stronger communities, a stronger business environment, and stronger safeguards for the taxpayer,” said Fung. 

To get into a rematch with Raimondo, Fung still must first defeat House Republican Minority Leader Patricia Morgan and Businessman Giovanni Feroce in the primary in September.

Feroce, for his part, sought the nomination as well. During his speech, he argued that his story, which features successes and failures, makes him a great face of the GOP.

“I bring vision sharpened by a grasp of history, and focused on a future of limitless opportunity,” said Feroce. “I bring creativity tempered by grand success and costly failure and their indelible lessons, but energized by the courage to effect change for the betterment of all Rhode Islanders.”

Morgan is also seeking to win the Republican nomination, but refused to attend the meeting, arguing that the process somehow wasn’t fair and rigged by party insiders. That’s a strange complaint from someone who serves as the House Minority Leader and served previously as the party’s executive for four years.

Flanders Gets Senate Endorsement

Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders received the endorsement in the GOP Senate Primary. In that race, he faces of against state representative Robert Nardolillo. The winner will face incumbent Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse.

Former Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders won the state GOP endorsement in the primary for the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, who is seeking reelection.
Talk radio host John DePetro and Republican National Committeeman Steve Frias, who is slated to challenge House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello again this year. He lost last to Mattiello by 85 votes in 2016.
Fung greats a convention attendee.
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