Bobby Nardolillo Drops Out of Race For US Senate

Former US Senate Candidate Bobby Nardolillo.

Coventry state representative Robert Nardolillo has dropped his bid for the US Senate. 

Nardolillo’s decision comes the morning after the state’s Republican endorsement convention, where former RI Supreme Court Justice Bob Flanders scored the endorsement.

The two-term state representative said that he failed to raise the significant amount of money he felt he would need to mount a credible campaign. 

“It is with great personal disappointment that I conclude my fourteen month campaign for the US Senate.” Bobby said in a prepared statement. “The Challenge of raising sufficient funds for a national class run has proved too great for me. That fact has led to making my organization too small to effectively communicate the benefits of my candidacy statewide.”

Nardilillo endorsed Flanders. 

“I congratulate Judge Flanders on the success of his campaign.” Nardolillo concluded. “He can depend on my vote in November, and I hope he is ultimately able to unseat Mr. Whitehouse.”   
Nardolillo, who served terms in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, is retiring from the politics…for now. 
In his press release, he describes himself this way. 

“Bobby Nardolillo is a working Rhode Islander, born and bred, who took time out to run for the US Senate because of his conviction that government at all levels has failed its taxpaying constituents. He intended to build on his two terms in the General Assembly to bring both legislative experience and new blood to Washington, DC.”
Russell Moore
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