Will Providence Jaywalkers Be Fined Via Camera Next?


Today, Providence drivers can be ticketed for going 30 mph in a school zone. 

Perhaps tomorrow the city will install high tech cameras to catch and fine jaywalkers. 

RI Relevant Contributor James Safford recently suggested that notion. Undoubtedly, many must’ve thought he was joking. Think again. The reality could be taking place in the very near future. 

The New York Post reported today that jaywalkers in China are now being fined instantly, via text message, thanks to cutting edge artificially intelligent cameras. 


The cameras are able to discern someone’s identity for taking a picture of their face. They then use a database to track their phone number. A text message is then sent, detailing the fine. The fine is also logged with the authorities. 

The Providence Municipal Courts were overwhelmed last week by hundreds of individuals who were given tickets from speed cameras placed throughout Providence. Around 17,000 speeding tickets have already been issued to Providence drivers. 

Tony Simon, the former Chief of Staff to Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is the lobbyist for Conduent, the company that operates the speed trap cameras. Simon is paid $6,000 per month for his lobbying efforts. 

A class action lawsuit has been filed to try to thwart the cameras in Providence.

Could jaywalking cameras be coming to Providence next? 

Russell Moore
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