Moore: Raimondo Ignores Deaths of Children in DCYF Care, Focuses on Guns


There really is no level so low that Governor Gina Raimondo won’t sink. The depths of her cynicism are unparalleled.

Apparently, Raimondo is struggling so badly in the polls that she’s desperate to score petty political points. That must be why she used her daughter as a political prop on Facebook this week. She explained that her daughter asked her what she’s going to do about guns in the wake of the Broward County Florida massacre.

“Every time we talk about it, Ceci cuts me off and says, “Mom, what are you going to do? Why hasn’t anyone done anything?”

Political Posturing, Little Management

Is there anything more disgusting than using children as political props? I think not.

In any event, this is interesting. Of course, we do need to take steps to make sure that guns are kept out of the hands of the mentally ill. No one disputes that.

But what about the child deaths that resulted as a result of mismanagement by the state government of which she is the CEO?

What she is going to do about those babies that have died after being in DCYF (Department of Children Youth, and Families) custody?

Babies Dying

Governor Raimondo doesn’t like talking about the gross mishaps that take place under her own nose. She would rather focus on the bad things that happen in far off lands.

Raimondo would rather we focus on national issues instead of her mismanagement.

That sounds harsh. Too bad it’s true.

There have been several children that died gruesome deaths after being returned to abusive, neglectful parents from DCYF care.

Where was all this righteous indignation from Raimondo after those sad episodes?

Righteous Indignation

There was none.

The only leadership the Rhode Island is getting on this issue is coming from state representative Patricia Serpa (D-West Warwick, Warwick, Coventry) who serves as Chairwoman of the Oversight Committee, as well as the other members of the bipartisan committee. Thank God for those legislators.

At a recent Oversight Committee hearing, they grilled administration officials about their failures to protect these children. In one instance, a DCYF worker allowed a baby to be returned to its parents. The baby was dead soon thereafter with broken bones and human bite marks.

Certainly, the Governor made sure this DCYF worker was fired, right? Nope. Rhode Islanders had no such luck. The deceased child got no such justice.  

Instead, legislators were told that the employee in question was not fired. It’s important, you see, to let people have a chance to improve in their professional capacity, they were told.

No Accountability 

Where is the outrage from Governor Raimondo? What about the children, Gina?

I guess Florida children’s lives matter much more to Raimondo than Rhode Island children in DCYF Care.

I get that the Governor is a highly cynical, political creature who will do whatever it takes to get ahead.

But she’s not fooling all of us. I hope she realizes this.

Russell Moore
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