Joanne’s Journey to Jamestown by Boat


If you are looking for a pleasant day trip, there’s a beautiful jewel right here in Rhode Island for you to visit. We decided to take a boat ride to scenic Jamestown, which is right before you reach Newport by boat from Wickford.

This quaint little seaside community offers everything for a hot summer day. It was 90 degrees the Thursday afternoon that we ventured out by boat to Jamestown. As we left the dock, I was thinking about what a great state we have. We really are the Ocean state. That we can visit anywhere in RI within one hour by land or sea is truly amazing.

The Jamestown Bridge

It didn’t take long to see the Jamestown bridge in the background. The sea was a little rough that day and the wind was strong as we were on our way to see what this seaside community had to offer.

The scenic view by the water was breathtaking. So many beautiful homes adorned the shoreline. Many homes had private docks with sail boats and  swimming areas. You could see the residents enjoying this hot summer day by sailing, kayaking and jet skiing. Some were also enjoying the day by water tubing. Now if any of you have tried this, you know it is fun.  You sit in a big tube or tire and a speed boat pulls you. This is not for the faint of heart but can be fun if done safely and correctly.


Boating in Rhode Island sure lends itself to some beautiful sights, like these seaside homes.

The amazing thing about the ocean is the feeling that you are in control of your surroundings. You can navigate to where you want to view and that’s liberating.

As we approached the port of Jamestown, we saw many different types of boats docked in the harbor.  Sail boats, cabin cruisers, speed boats and small yatchs dotted the ocean as we approached the dock. There is free public docking for a limited time and in this hot humid day, we were in luck to get a spot. A beach area also was along the shore where a few people were sunbathing.

As we left the dock, I looked back and the view was amazing. The landscape of the boats with the Jamestown bridge made a picturesque view.  

Boating in Rhode Island guarantees you’ll see beautiful boats and homes.

The visitors center is right at the end of the dock offering you information.

The small gathering of stores here has plenty of info about Jamestown.

There Is a realty firm “Mansions and Mansions” advertising beautiful seaside villas as well as other homes displayed by “Island realty”.

Seen in Jamestown.

“Spinnakers” waterfront sandwich shop and “Grapes and Gourmet” are just two of the eateries locates here offering deli sandwiches, ice cream and sweet treats.  If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. There are even cigars for sale, for those who engage in cigar smoking.

As I walked  down the street, I saw the town of Jamestown Recreation center. Funny thing about this building, it looked like a beach resort which glimmers in comparison to the old  brick recreation centers in Providence that we are used to. A bulletin board is located in the street posting all town events, making you aware of what’s going on in their neck of the woods.

The Jamestown Recreation Center, reminiscent of the old buildings in Providence.

Walking further up the street is another deli called “East ferry Deli” which has some of the largest deli sandwiches I ever saw. The tuna on whole wheat bread was huge and delicious. Next to the deli was a quaint little shop called “The purple door”  that I visited. Tee shirts, small gifts and an array of beautiful beads were on display as well as some very different jewelry.

The Purple Door, which features a “little bit of Jamestown”.
The East Ferry Deli

I’d have to say the most different store there was “Conanicut Marine Services” which offers everything from marine gear to clothing, hats, sneakers, sandals etc. It certainly is one stop shopping here .  If you want a gift for yourself or someone else, this is the place to go! Of course I had to buy a hot pink tee Jamestown tee shirt for myself, so you could see me coming as I walked through the town.

This store offers all sorts of goods one would need in the marine industry.

Among the beautiful scenery are the massive historic condos that are too beautiful to miss. It is a massive building with breathtaking ocean views and a favorite residence in Jamestown. There also is a local hardware “Jamestown Hardware”which is always busy.

There are some beautiful condos in Jamestown.

I would be remiss I didn’t mention one of Jamestown’s most beautiful restaurants “Simpatico” which graces the side street with its presence. I have beautiful memories of dining there with family on hot summer nights.

Simpatico is a famous Jamestown eatery known all over Rhode Island.

It doesn’t open till 4:00PM evenings, but if you want a nice way to end your day, try it out. The food is delicious and the service is great.

No Jamestown Journey would be complete without an ice cream cone from “Spinnakers” and I wasn’t going to pass that up! So as I enjoyed my cake batter ice cream, I strolled back to the boat thinking how fortunate we were to live in a state with so much to offer! Journey to Jamestown, you won’t be disappointed! 

You didn’t really expect Joanne to let a 90 degree day go by without getting an ice cream, did you?
Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at


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