Trailblaze Marketing Launches in R.I. with Millennial Leadership


Trailblaze Marketing, a digital marketing agency that evolved from parent company and local technology firm INNOVEX, has officially launched this week.

Committed to investing in and developing the millennial workforce in Rhode Island, Trailblaze Marketing is led by seasoned marketing professional and millennial Christopher Parisi. Parisi has chosen to maintain the company’s headquarters in Rhode Island while its client-base expands nationally.

“The most critical part of any organization is its people, and I am proud of the amazing team and culture we have built,” said Trailblaze Marketing president Parisi. “In our fast-paced and ever-evolving line of work, the millennial generation is not only critical to our business success, but we’re leading it by bringing the latest trends and tools to the table.”

Trailblaze Marketing officially branched off from its parent company INNOVEX, a Lincoln-based technology firm, in January 2018. Currently employing 10 team members, Trailblaze plans to double its Rhode Island workforce by 2019.

The team is no stranger to startups, as their Agency Director, Jonathan Monterecy, has spent the last 18 years leading early stage digital marketing agencies focused on accelerating growth and bringing new technologies to market.

“We aren’t afraid of change — in this industry, you can’t sit still,” said Monterecy. “Our unique blend of analytics and design allows data to drive our decisions which ultimately helps our clients reach their markets and meet their goals.”

Now operating as an independent digital marketing firm, Trailblaze will focus primarily on marketing for B2B organizations.

Trailblaze will continue to help a wide-range of clients achieve their business goals, like Rhode Island-based garage door company Fagan Door. Working with Trailblaze, Fagan Door identified phone calls as its most important customer engagement tool. Through a strategic online search advertising campaign focused on increasing their impact, Fagan Door successfully received more than 200 calls per month with a high sales conversion rate (35%).

“With Trailblaze as a trusted partner, we have watched our sales leads continually increase,” said Diana Fagan, vice president and co-owner of Fagan Door. “Every member of the team has taken time to get to know Fagan Door — not just our products and target audience, but our values. The best thing about working with Trailblaze is getting the personal attention of a local firm while getting big firm results.”

In addition to growing its employee base in 2018, Trailblaze will also work with local colleges to support their internship programs. Trailblaze is committed to mentoring up-and-coming young professionals by helping develop their skill-sets and future career opportunities in Rhode Island.

“This industry provides millennials with new opportunities to hone the skills and values many of us share: understanding digital and technology trends, being solutions-oriented, having an ability to quickly adapt, and working with a greater sense of purpose,” said Parisi. “As our business grows, I look forward to helping our state continue to grow the opportunities available to our talented generation.”