URI Moves Up to No. 16, Rhody Fans Can Freak Out

Will Hurley right the ship?

Today was just another great start to the week for the University of Rhode Island men’s basketball team. That’s been a constant theme for the better part of two months.

It’s a bit of a good news, bad news scenario for URI. The good news is that the latest Associated Press Top 25 poll was released this afternoon and the Rams moved from the No. 18 spot to No. 16. That’s the best they’ve been in school history.

The bad news? They totaled an eerie 666 points in the poll, which isn’t a great sign on the eve of a home game against Richmond. Rhode Island is 17 points behind No. 15 Saint Mary’s.

In any event, it was welcomed news for URI fans, who spent a good portion of Sunday pissed off that they weren’t part of the “Top 16” list released by the NCAA selection committee Sunday afternoon. Hopefully this will alleviate the horror of not being in the Top 16 of one meaningless February poll that will have nothing to do with their eventual seed or what Danny Hurley and Co. want to accomplish this season.

Even better news for URI fans is that salty Providence fans likely won’t remind them that the Friars were a Top 10 team two years ago. So being 16th isn’t really that big of a deal. And despite this season’s struggles and URI’s win over PC earlier this season, no one cares about the Rams–you can tell by attendance, which is the true mark of a great team, not wins and losses.

Eric Rueb
Eric Rueb is a freelance journalist. For more from Rueb on sports, entertainment and him living the #DadLife, follow him on Twitter at @EricRueb. Send him email at ericrueb@yahoo.com.