Rueb: TB Swearing on TV Should Make Pats Fans Feel Optimistic


The Super Bowl Media Night is probably the worst night for the Patriots all season.

They’re trained all season by Belichick all season to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge questions from the start of training camp so putting them in from of hundreds of journalists – both lower case and capital J – with questions ranging from the mundane to serious to insane without offending anyone or ending up with a bulletin board is a little more difficult than playing the AFC East schedule.

This is Tom Brady’s eighth media day appearance, so giving vanilla answers and avoiding controversy is pretty much second nature. It seems like he’s been a lot more open to answering questions this season (BECAUSE HE’S PROMOTING TB12 AND FACEBOOK MOVIES, DUH) so tonight’s media night Brady sounded loose.

I don’t know who the reporter is that got the response from the above tweet, but Tom Brady swearing shouldn’t be a surprise. Tom Brady cussin’ when the camera is on tells me either a) he’s suffering avacado ice cream withdrawal; b) he swears when he’s nervous; or c) he’s relaxed and knows his team is coming together like Voltron and they’re winning by a million Sunday.

It’s gotta be C, otherwise this pic makes no sense:

Eric Rueb
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