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Every week, RI Relevant’s Matt Gage will break down who’s relevant and who isn’t relevant. A student at Catholic University in Washington D.C., he’s got his ear to the ground. Therefore, he’ll focus on national politics and issues. But he’ll sprinkle in some sports and local news from time to time as well. 

Matt is a South Kingstown native and former Hendricken High School Class President (2017). He’s a political science major. Send him an email at mattygage1@gmail.com.

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Who's Relevant? - Rand Paul

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The Senator from Kentucky earns credit from The Relevant yet again with his bold call to arms against his own party. Paul is one who truly understands true conservatism and the value of fiscal responsibility – something many of his colleagues on the right seem to have forgotten. The Kentucky firebrand refuses to let his party embrace the toxicity of big spending.

Matt Gage
A South Kingstown native and former Hendricken High School Class President (2017), Matt Gage is a political science major at Catholic University. Send him an email at mattygage1@gmail.com.


  1. Very astute observations about our president and the fact he is the President. Very telling of the in denial “Dumbocraps”, who sat on their hands for the entire night. I seriously hope they washed their hands before they ate!!!
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Joe Kennedy is another drool mouth “Dumbocrap” from Massachusetts following in the oversized Barney Frank. There must be something about that district that make them prefer these drool mouths. This is face of the new Dumbocrap party?? Keep it up Massachusetts; you continue to elect totally over educated and undeniable brain dead Harvard pols. Maybe it’s time Massachusetts start electing none elitest, everyday working men to represent them. God knows these droolly mouth liberals don’t haven’t a clue.

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