What’s in? What’s out this week?

Photo by Dave Amedio

What’s in…

Balloon ban on Block Island

If you prefer balloons at your children’s party or wedding celebration, don’t plan a party on Block Island. The city council on Block Island have decided to ban the use of balloons to protect the wildlife on the Island. It seems the balloons cause a hazard for the wildlife eating the balloons. The fine for violating this city ordinance is $200.00.  Balloons beware….Block Island City Council has just burst your bubble!

Speed camera lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed by RI attorneys Peter Wasylyk and Peter Petraca representing plaintiffs from Providence and other communities who have received tickets from the notorious “cash cams”.  Attorney Wasylyk is a pro in this field having won cases against Blue Cross/BlueShield. He will be prepared to show the courts the problems with the implementation of the speed camera program and the violation of the rights of the petitioners. Without doubt, the ACLU will be on the side of this lawsuit. Meanwhile, some court dates have been postponed in Providence Municipal court by Chief Justice Frank Caprio pending further notice. Justice Caprio is a fair man and will operate the court within the law. He will consider all parties concerned justly.

RI Home Show

The 68th annual Home Show runs from April 5th to April 8th at the RI convention center this weekend. Let’s explore, enjoy and find everything for our homes and more. It’s always a fun time and don’t forget the floral fusion exhibit. Let’s finally get some spring back into Rhode Island! Enjoy!


What’s out….


Mayor Jorge Elorza has vetoed the plastic ban ordinance

Saying that it needs to be better done, the Mayor has vetoed the ban on plastic bags, which was overwhelming passed by the City Council. Instead there will be a study into the implementation of this ordinance, so it will not affect the needy and disadvantage our residents.

Existing speed camera bill

It looks like the RI General Assembly will amend the law passed a few years ago to implement speed cameras in school zones. Several pieces of legislation have been filed to make changes to this law, including a bill by a brave legislator, Rep. Anthony Giarrusso, to get rid of them completely.

No doubt some amended law will come out as this situation has grown way out of control. There are now speed cameras near a playground.

Is this the future of Providence and other cities? Nine of us condone speeding at all, but we certainly think the implementation of the cameras was a shock and unknown presence to many motorists. Let’s hope for a better law!

Landline phones  

They are becoming  obsolete. In New York, the use of landline phones has decreased by 55% since the year 2000. who do you know that still has a landline they use regularly today? The times are changing and landlines are decreasing across the state and nation. People and businesses are pulling out their landlines and relying strictly on cell phones. I still have mine and can’t bear to part with it, but I am talking to more and more people who say they are obsolete. And how about the phone booth? I haven’t seen one in a while. I guess our Superheroes (like Superman) won’t have a place to change anymore.  Who would have ever thought this would happen? What’s next? A station calling center? Only time will tell!

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at Pt3270@yahoo.com