Safford: Space Force Will Indulge the Post Apocalyptic Fantasies of the Masses


As a Sci-Fi fan I couldn’t be more thrilled about a Space Force.

As a taxpayer I’m still stuck on ‘”why”?’.

It is impossible to live off of minimum wage in this country and we are worried about aliens from outer space? Those same aliens that we have been repeatedly told do not exist, mind you.

The hundreds of billions of dollars this is going to cost should be used to improve the economic plight of the downtrodden. It’s a travesty that they won’t. But it all makes sense. So I’m going to attempt to share these connections that I see here.  

Quiet Desperation 

Post apocalyptic scenarios were once a thing of nightmares. Now, they make for award-winning prime-time television.

Why? It’s pretty simple when you think about it. People can’t withstand the depressing reality that is this world.

This man wants to use Space Force to distract you and play to your fantasies.

The glass ceilings above our heads are not clear. They are dark, looming opaque reminders that things will not get better. Remember what Henry David Thoreau said about “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation?”

That black ceiling has them looking elsewhere for hope.

Gambling was once illegal in this country. Sin cities like Vegas and AC gave way to Native American casinos that now litter the entire country. Our own governor is hedging Rhode Island’s financial stability on sports betting and gambling.

The Black Ceiling

Powerball and slot machine jackpots add bright spots to that looming black ceiling. In a way, they keep people in line. But that’s not all that is up there.

The fear of an apocalypse is gone. That fear has been replaced by a feeling of a welcomed change. The people that rise and grind daily are so worn down that many of them would rather face the challenges of a post apocalyptic world than their own.

Space Force is just a distraction, James Safford argues.

Aliens. Virus. Weather. It doesn’t matter what the cause of the apocalypse is.

The event itself would shatter that ceiling.

Taxes. Debt. Bills. Deadlines. All out the window.

Imagine all of your daily stresses gone and replaced by ‘find food, shelter, and water’. It’s so much simpler. Isn’t it?

The world has changed. Divorce rates are up. Drug use is up. People are looking for something else.

Use Your Illusions 

As you read this you may think I’m crazy.

But look who’s president. If I told you back in 2008 Trump would be president today, you’d probably laugh so hard you’d spit your Xanax into your coffee.

The world we live in is loaded with stress. not the freedoms we envisioned when the country was built. Those people that are looking for something else probably won’t even see this article. They gave up on media. They turn to the narcissistic social world of Facebook for their news.

And they aren’t turning back. They elected the perfect icon to represent them.

They vote on false narratives and fake news. They believe they hype. They buy the lies. Because that promised tomorrow is better than the shit storm they deal with daily.

Area 51 Revealed? 

They will eat up this Space Force quicker than the time it takes you to read this article. They may even have already purchased some Space Force swag by that time as well.

To make sure they get the public support for Space Force, expect extraterrestrial leaks from the White House.

Space Force is the latest brainchild of the Trump White House. Enjoy!

Expect some hype to get them going. We may even get to see into Area 51 before the end of the year. Maybe not all of it but enough to rally public support.

Don’t forget Trump got elected by selling the idea of a massive wall to keep out immigrants. The people will eat it up. 

As you slave way at your 9 to 5 and read articles like this on your lunch break, try not to forget that not everyone else is as content. Some of those people that are working next to you would rather be decapitating zombies, or hiding from an alien invasion, than making copies or sending emails.

Some would welcome it. Others are hoping for it.

You should expect Trump to prey on those feelings.


James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at