Safford: Raimondo Is The Wolf of Rhode Island–In a Sheep’s Pantsuit


This Republican in sheep’s clothing has been pulling the wool over your eyes while fleecing the state of RI.

Too many barnyard puns in one sentence? Well, you’re the sheep. Baaaaaah!

Please don’t sit there and defend her “progressive” position while she jet sets around the country.

Like anyone else, her actions should define her. They aren’t. You know why?

Our trusted local media sources are about as investigative as Mr. Magoo. They aren’t putting the pieces together for you. Don’t worry…I will.

Abre Los Ojos

Let’s start with Warren Buffett. The billionaire CEO funded and then campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

Smart. Strong. Woman. Democrat.

Gina Raimondo would have you believe that she too is all of these things. Well guess what? Warren Buffet and I might not have agreed on Hillary, but we most certainly see eye to on on Raimondon’t.

Buffet is a leading critic of investments in hedge funds. He recently won a $1 million bet with hedge fund managers guaranteeing that the S&P 500 would outperform any hedge fund group they selected.

Not Raimondo. She promised us that hedge funds would save our pension fund. Instead, we didn’t get the major gains that we should have during the market boom years. Why did Raimondo decide to dump a massive portion of the RI pension fund into hedge funds? Do you really need to be Dick Tracy to know? (Hey dummies, it’s campaign contributions.)

I can’t be the only one reading between the lines there.

She is most certainly intelligent. When she talks finance 95-percent of the people listening can follow her. She is an ivy educated.

But this is not how the system is supposed to work.

Campaign Cash Corruption

I’ll share two scenarios. Let your less ignorant self convince your more educated side and guide you towards the light. We will start with facts.

Raimondon’t’s husband, Andrew Moffit, is a Yale Law graduate and former ivy league professor turned charter school peddler. The man literally promotes charter schools as the director of Industry Learning. (Ok nothing to see here James. He is a smart guy.)

So is anyone surprised that Raimondo is a supporter of charter schools and their corporate education model?

Conflict of Interest

Let’s dive further into her gubernatorial efforts. The Amos house. There is speculation galore here and at the risk of buying into any of that until the SIGTARP investigation is complete I’ll look at the facts alone.

The Amos house building was completed in part by a large donation from RI housing. The money RI Housing provided was taken from funds that were designated to the HHF (hardest hit fund) fund. The hardest hit fund has very specific guidelines for the spending of this money. Many people went to prison because of the misuse of these funds.

When RI Housing decided to use these funds to support the new build of the Amos House did they not realize that the Amos House would not be doing enough of the right type of business to warrant the use of these funds?

The guidelines are very specific and spelled out so a child could interpret them. A certain percentage of HHF funding would need to be done at the Amos House location to warrant the use of those funds.

Maybe the people down at RI Housing missed it. They do move at a turtles pace to close housing loans. They have misused funds in the past. They have paid themselves gas stipends. They’ve had BBQs using money meant for low income borrowers. How did the ivy league educated Governor with a financial background mismanage this one?

Why Gina, Why?

That’s where you live folks. You have a conservative right wing venture capitalist peddling youth and femininity to progressives and minorities for votes. You have the wolf of wall street in a Hilary suit for a governor.

Connect the dots. Now backtrack to one of my favorite foot in mouth moments of our wonderful governor. “Yes Elon Musk I know we have done nothing to attract your business before you visited our tiny little state where you can’t sell your cars…but we could.”

Carrot. Stick. She should’ve done the work BEFORE meeting with the man.

Thanks to a DMV clarification, Tesla will begin selling in Warwick as they were actually never really blocked. A clarification the DMV gives Raimondon’t’s office ZERO credit for. The law simply states cars can’t be sold directly if they are already or have ever been sold through a dealer in RI. Tesla is only sold direct it doesn’t apply.

If the DMV is beating you to the punch you aren’t even moving at a turtles pace. You’re basically dead in the water.

I’ve avoided 38 studios, The UHIP debacle, the problems at DCYF and Pawsox talks here as there is just too much content to fit into one article.

There are too many wrongs and very few rights to discuss.

I can’t see how anyone would ever give her a penny…never mind a vote.

James Safford
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