Safford: Let’s Take Politics Out of Football


When I was a kid my close-knit Italian American family did not talk about religion and politics.

“You’re catholic and you never tell people who you voted for”, was the motto in my Papa’s house.

He was a man of few words, but many moral lessons. Every word he has ever said rang true. My Papa was an Italian immigrant. He learned at a very young age the benefits of keeping your mouth shut. 

“Nobody needs to know what you know”, he would say, followed quickly by “watch out for the other guy.”

More of this, less politics please, pleads James Safford.

These short cryptic words of advice have never been wrong. If my Papa were alive today and forced to deal with this political drama seeping its way into the sporting world guess what he would do?

Dad’s Wise Counsel 

It’s very simple. He would “change the GD channel.” You see, that;s another catch phrase he would mutter every time I put on some nonsensical show with no value.

I think we all need to take a page from his playbook and just change the GD channel.

If a president wants to honor a team and invite them to the white house set it up on your own time. Don’t involve the people until its actually a thing. And if it doesn’t happen, who cares?

Football and basketball are predominately ‘non-white’ sports. The majority of players are primarily people of color. We have had a football team and basketball team that opted out of meeting Mr. Orange–a man with questionable racial opinions.

Don’t let this man ruin football, James Safford warns.

This conversation went from zero to sixty real fast, and it is dragging race and politics into my halftime show. I don’t want to hear it. The people don’t want to hear it.

Black. White. Purple. Green. No one cares about your political nonsense. I speak for many when I say that I don’t want it taking up MY limited time to watch games and Sportscenter.

Remember when schools had an issue with the pledge of allegiance? I had a few kids in my school all the way back in the 1980s that didn’t stand for it. They had religious differences. What did we do? We took it out of schools. How many schools have taken it out? Google it!

In the same respect, I want this political mumbo jumbo out of my football. I don’t care if Belichick, Kraft, and Trump share hair combing tips in a hot tub. Let Fox News report that nonsense. Please, just keep it off my Sports center.

Replace Anthem With Moment of Silence

I don’t want to hear Tony Romo talking at all. But if I’m forced to listen to his jibba jabba, I don’t want to hear him talk about politics! It literally cannot get any worse than that. (The only thing I want to hear Tony Romo talk about is ‘The art of throwing the perfect interception’.)

I believe that the national anthem needs to be sidelined the same way we sidelined the pledge of allegiance. We replace it with a moment of silence to honor our troops both past and present.

]A moment of silence for our troops both past and present is all we need. Keep your anthem for the fourth of July.

Ban religion and politics in the announcers booth and…

Make Football Great Again!

James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at