Safford: Let’s Give Spencer Dickinson A Look For Governor (In Democrat Primary)


Hillary Clinton has some rich and powerful friends. Her campaign contributions during her presidential run were daunting. Sound like someone we know in Rhode Island?

Of course it does. Gina Raimondo and Hillary Clinton have much more in common than both being female politicians.

They are both great campaign strategists and they’re both no stranger to big business.

Over the next 10 years expect Raimondo to make a run at a senate seat and eye the same path of Clinton after cruising by in this next election. Is that what you want? If not, are you willing to campaign against her?

Hillary and Gina are driven by big business and finance.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, kept his distance from that corner of politics. Bernie was viewed as the people’s candidate with common sense and a moral obligation to the voters.

Is this how to win an election, by putting together the right amount of money? Probably. But James Safford says it shouldn’t be that way.

We have someone like that here in Rhode Island. Democrat Spencer Dickinson is the same type of politician as Sanders.

The first man, or second, to install solar panels in his home (Richmond’s Rod Driver has had solar panels for a while as well) in the entire state has a hint of Bernie in his demeanor. He’s a people’s candidate. Dickinson, a former state representative himself, is more interested in fixing the problems than he is in creating new ones.

So we all know what happens right? Hilary and Gina are better campaigners. They win by a landslide despite their Benghazis and Clinton Foundation and their gas fracking/Biomass or UHIP or DCYF track record. They hide their dirty skeletons. They’ve got the dollars to do it.

Sweep it under the rug.

She will campaign like it’s 1955. She’ll disregard Robert Healey’s 2014 performance as ‘lightning in a bottle’. She’s skipped public forum debates. And my favorite, she’ll pay off the local media.

Over the next 6 month do not expect channels 6,10, 12, or the Providence Journal to run many negative Gina stories. They are all pandering for their cut of her war chest. Votes can not only be bought, they are bought, and this is how.

Make your voice heard, James Safford opines.

You think Sinclair Media is the only one playing this game? Think again!

The bigger the media giants get the worse this will become. That campaign money cannot go anywhere else and dying media outlets, like print media, will do virtually anything to stay relevant and get a cut of that money.

So Gina wins her primary by a landslide it will be because her war chest is loaded with corporate payoffs.

Lawyers, employees, and family members of these corporations employees are funding Raimondo. So many are from outside Rhode Island. Do you really think they’re sending her money saying “do what’s best for Rhode Island.”

And the voters are clueless.

Spencer Keeps it Bernie

Yet Spencer keeps it ‘Bernie 100%’. He will talk to anyone and listen to anyone. He wants to know what’s going on. And he wants to fix it. If he wants to win he is going to have to shake a lot of hands and kiss a lot of babies.

Democrat Spencer Dickinson wants your vote for Governor. James Safford says you should give it to him.

Spencer is the candidate the democrats want and need but the system is going to give them Gina. This divide could kill Gina at the polls in November, so how does she real them back in?

Welcome to the party Joe Trillo, also known as  Mr. Do You Know Who I Am? Ask the folks at the East Greenwich Yacht Club. He’s got no shot at winning. All he can do is take votes away from the Republican nominee and guarantee Raimondo’s victory.

What about Matt Brown? He’s one of the smartest guys in the room (just ask him and he’ll tell you.) He’s got credentials as a former Secretary of State, but he’s got baggage of his own from his own failed Senate run in 2006.

The Republican primary will be much closer but the money favors Allan Fung. Giovanni Feroce and Patricia Morgan will put up a great fight, so I won’t even take a shot at guessing that outcome. It will be close.

James Safford agrees with this man. He wants Gina Raimondo FIRED!

Dickinson, Feroce, and Brown are all the types of candidates we need. Fung and Morgan are also candidates we could benefit from as well.

Do Your Homework

But Raimondo and Trillo? There’s your ‘more of the same’ career politician mess in a nutshell.

Gas fracking (she is already trying to appear to have flipped), biomass (in denial that she will have to flip), offshore drilling (watch her flip), and deals with out of state corporate giants…that’s the next four years if Gina wins. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t let your vote be bought. Don’t follow mainstream media for your “Raimondo news” as they are all pandering for their cut of the war chest.

Don’t let a politician scoff at another politician they are running against and downplay their chances of winning. You can be confident without being cocky and cavalier. When they choose to be the lesser, well, should tell you something.

It’s doesn’t have to be all about the Benjamins, baby.

Your Call

So ask your own questions. Don’t believe the hype. Gina’s approval rating is in the toilet because RI residents matter less to her than a $2 donation.

And guess what’s building up over the next six years or so? Most likely, we’ll face another recession.

Do you want a Hillary or a Bernie at the helm for the next four years prepping this state. We were one of the last states to recover from the 08 recession. Some would argue that we still haven’t even done that fully ten years later.

Raimondo will take this state into a longer, more painful recession. But she’ll get everyone that plays ball rich in doing it. But only if you let her. Are you going to let her?


  1. I really appreciate this article and its tone, giving the limelight to Dickinson and some of the other candidates who don’t have multi-million dollar war chests. Thanks James.

  2. Matt Brown is also a Bernie style Progressive and has made a pledge to not accept any corporate funding. Matt is totally reliant on small private donations just as Bernie was in his primary battle with Clinton. I would like to know who is funding Dickinson’s campaign.

  3. Brown has done quite a bit for himself, Dickinson’s campaign fund is small, about enough to buy a decent pick up they say. and he served in the Armed Forces. Raimondo got to go.

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