Safford: The Kanye West Syndrome


We go to school to be taught facts and learn information that is meant to shape and mold our minds.

The new millennial generation is being held down by a conflict of common sense and greed. That pressure is causing them to question every fact they are being taught in school.

We can see this on a smaller and less significant scale if we look at our pets. If you train a puppy to not do something and then you go ahead and do that thing to get its attention it gets confused and doesn’t know how to act.

This younger generation is literally in the exact same boat.


We tell them to be better and to be practical but then they see their leaders making catastrophic blunders doing the exact opposite of what they are being taught. Information moves so quickly and younger minds are exposed to a vicious media that profits off of fear and mistakes. We crucify leaders in the media and make examples out of them and highlight their negative behavior that goes against what we teach our youth. We tell them to not call people ‘stupid’ or ‘ dumb’ only to have them read a tweet from our president using the exact language we just told them not to use.

For years, hip hop artists and wannabes looked up to his man. 

Who is right? The teacher or the president of our country. We have set such a bad example that the absence of thought is being confused as innovative thinking. We have droves of youth questioning the validity of the shape of our planet. The flat earth movement is literally making everything worse and is a clear sign of where we are going wrong. We bicker and argue about scientific facts such as global warming and our youth are dragged right into the thick of it.

The Kanye Syndrome

Conspiracy theorists with plausible questions about catastrophic tragedies such as the September 11th bombing and the Las Vegas shooting are literally ripping their minds in half. The ones that cannot take it fall apart entirely. The byproduct of our faults?

The Kanye West syndrome. Kanye is a perfect example of the absence of thought being confused with innovative thought.

Believe it or not, Donald Trump has always been a hip-hop icon. Rappers brag about being ‘Trump status’ and dropped his name anywhere they could…until he became president. That was, of course, until he revealed himself as a bigot and a racist showing support to white supremacist groups. Until he crossed the line and put his true colors out there.

Yet after all of that Kanye stands up and shows his support for the man. In Kanye’s mind its not about race. He thinks that he is showing support for someone he likes.

Where’s the Realness? 

The truth is that Kanye can’t even process what is real anymore. His mind has been fractured by our duplicitous media. During a recent TMZ interview Kanye told his interviewers that he believed slavery was a ‘choice’. He claimed that no one does something for 400 years unless its by choice.

The level of idiocy in his statements sadly does not reach an all time low but has become a generational norm. This is the same man that grabbed the Mic on live national tv to claim that ‘George Bush hates black people’ is now a staunch supporter of an openly prejudice republican president?

Did Kanye come full circle in his life? No. He is still staring at his thumbs at the starting line. His fractured mind cannot process what he is taking in.

We’re All Kanye Now

That’s what a great number of our millennial generation is experiencing. We are setting such a bad example that we cannot expect our younger generations to be better. We are teaching them to take what they want because no one is going to give it to them. We are doing things like crying about an opioid crisis that we created by taking the prescriptions off of the market.

Informed youth know more about this than every single elected official in Washington. We have become walking contradictions of what is right and what is acceptable. Greed and temporary use has replaced humanity and longevity…..our millennials are evidence of just that.

How do we fix it? I don’t believe we can. I don’t believe that we can find a way back from this insanity without shaking the very core of our existence.

Drastic steps will need to be taken to even give us a shot at a better tomorrow. When I was a kid I dreamed about traveling to the future in a time machine. Things have gotten so bad that at this point in my life all I need to do is throw on the movie Idiocracy and no time masheen will be necessary (if you haven’t seen the movie you can check my spelling there).

That is the only future I currently see on the horizon unless we can work together to find a way to alter our course.

James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at