Safford: I’m Going With Feroce In a Strong GOP Field for Governor

Feroce scored an endorsement from the Burrillville GOP Town Committee on Monday night, which allows him to enter the GOP state convention on Wednesday evening with some momentum.

The 2018 RI Gubernatorial primary has turned out to be the strongest in modern history.

With Allan Fung vs. Patricia Morgan vs. Giovanni Feroce, we have three of the strongest GOP candidates I’ve ever seen. Unlike the Democrat primary the Republicans have three strong candidates that all would make for solid governors of this state. Each brings their own strengths to the table.

I’m dragging Ken Block into this conversation. Block won’t run but you can be damn sure that he will throw his two cents into the red corner. (If there’s one thing Block loves, it’s attention. So he won’t mind.)

It’s going to come down to money and gossip, of course.

GOP Field: Embarrassment of Riches

By the way, watch for Governor Raimondo to get increasingly better treatment from the mainstream media. Why? That’s because everyone of the failing mainstream media companies want their slice of the pie that is Raimondo’s war chest.

They all want that advertising money! So be weary of anything negative they say about any of these candidates. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. It always has been. And it always will be.

But I’m going to break this down in a way no other media outlet would ever break down a gubernatorial race. I’m going to be honest. We don’t lie here at RI Relevant.

Patricia Morgan, the RI House Minority Leader and Candidate for Governor, brings lots of positive attributes to the race, Safford says.

Let’s begin with Patricia Morgan. She’s a great candidate. Morgan is experienced and educated and intelligent. Morgan brings that level of ‘Don’t cross me Headmaster’ into the general assembly. She doesn’t have time for nonsense and doesn’t play games. I like that.

Morgan is a Strong, No-nonsense Candidate

If Morgan were to win both the primary and general election RI would probably have the best school systems in the country by the time her term was over. I can’t say anything bad about this candidate. Can she raise enough money to win this election? I don’t think she can get there with these numbers.

Can Cranston Mayor Allan Fung. He seems to be the most well funded candidate in the GOP Primary. The mayor of Cranston is also educated, intelligent, and experienced. He has the funds to put up a great fight in a gubernatorial election if he to wins the primary.

The one bad thing that needs to be said about Mayor Fung concern is his parking ticket debacle. The way the parking ticket debacle in Cranston played out raises cause for concern for the general election.

Fung is Ready, But Will Ticket-Gate Hurt His Chances?

But as we all know, Raimondo has, and has always had, her Rhode Island State Police captain on speed dial. So it shouldn’t be surprising, at all, that the state police came down hard on Fung over the Cranston parking ticket situation. Don’t let anyone kid you. The state police know where their bread is buttered.

That being said, Fung will bring some level of baggage into the general election, and Governor Raimondo (if she emerges from the primary, if she doesn’t, whomever his opponent is) will bring that negative out fast and furious. To me, that’s a bit disconcerting since I do not want to see Raimondo prevail again.

Last but certainly not least we have Giovanni Feroce. He’s an Italian immigrant that embodies what the majority of RI residents strive for–hard work, dedication, risk taking, and perseverance. He’s a hard working military man that has lived the American dream. He climbed the ladder to success.

Who will emerge from Rhode Island’s GOP Primary? And will whomever emerges capture the Governor’s office?

So why is Ken Block so dead set against this man?

False narratives are a dangerous and slippery slopes. Block has followers and friends in this state specifically in this Republican party, (which is weird since he cost the GOP the 2010 gubernatorial election by peeling away votes from GOP nominee John Robitaille). For some reason, people listen to what he says.

Fabulous Feroce 

Feroce has enemies who don’t want to see him succeed the same way he did when he brought Alex And Ani to unbelievable heights. I’m pretty sure the Providence Journal’s Amanda Milkovits sleeps with a photo of Giovanni under her pillow plotting her next negative article against him. And then Block is the first guy to spread the word on social media when she does.

Memo to Ken Block–she works for Gina, just like so many other Providence Journal reporters did before she gave them cushy state jobs. Hello?! Are you switching teams yet again, Ken?

My wise Italian-immigrant grandfather always reminded me to watch out for the other guy. He warned me to be weary of men that owed no one.

Part of that American dream Feroce has been living has been rocky. Everyone faces it at one point or another and its rarely ever simply our own fault. Giovanni had a few business deals fall apart. So what?

Beware Ken Block (He Wants Attention)

Raimondo invested our ESRI pension into a hedge fund that under-performed by hundreds of millions of dollars and we made her governor. Milkovits and Block don’t care about that though. What does that tell you? Then again, she didn’t have henchmen and henchwomen like Milkovits and Block after her. She has them working FOR her.

In any event, the beauty of this state is that racial heritage and nationality are completely irrelevant. Where is the 60-year-old-rich white guy from Newport in this Republican primary? There is more diversity in our Republican primary than in our Democratic primary and that is fantastic.

Feroce deserves the GOP nomination for Governor, Safford argues.

This state is a state like no other. Up is down and left is right. We get a monsoon for lunch and a mega-apocalypse geostorm for diner and we drive through potholes that day to go to the beach anyway.

If you’re an average Joe in RI you’re probably a RI Republican or at least you should be. The options in this primary are right up your alley and focused directly on your state.

Feroce Can Connect With, and For Common Man

I said I wouldn’t dare to guess who wins this primary, but in the end Feroce has the most to offer in my opinion. I’d give him my support in this GOP Primary.

He has the widest variety of experience and a track record that is much better than President Trump’s. .

I’d love to see a Dickinson vs. Feroce election while Gina is at home crying in her Cheerios. But I’m sure General Mills has already given you half a million in funding already, so like everything else you have, at least you won’t have to pay for it.


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