Safford: Ed Markey is Full of Malarkey

US Senator, Ed Markey (D-MA)

I’m not going to break down Trump’s 55-page infrastructure plan.

I’m not going to support it. I’m not going to bash it.

I’m going to focus on something that everyone can relate to.

No one likes to be told how to do their job by their boss. Imagine you are middle management and you have elevated your team to a level of excellence that gives you pride.

The next day some board member strolls in and makes the dreaded statement “We are making some changes.”

Says who? This is my team. It runs well. Why should I listen to you tell me how to do my job?

Well, he is your boss. You can argue six ways from Sunday he is wrong, on your own time, but in the office all you can do is nod your head and find a way to make the changes work. Or you can pack your bobble heads and hit the road.

Who’s The Boss?

You can’t tell this guy to pound sand.

So why is that the immediate first response from elected state officials?

Washington is broken due to partisanship. Bipartisanship is the answer to our problems, James Safford opines.

For instance, US Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts publicly responded that the proposed plan will ‘not in anyway change the fundamentals or result in new infrastructure in MA.”

Pack your stuff and get lost if you intend to criticize without offering any solutions of your own.  

We don’t need party poopers in either party forcing government shutdowns, immediately ignoring proposed legislation before even reading it fully, or making excuses publically before they have had a chance to at least TRY to make it work.

This guy steps up to the plate and says “Nope. Not in my state.”

Markey’s Malarkey 

Senator Markey was backed up by the MA director of transportation, Chris Dempsey, with a public statement of only slightly less ignorance..

According to Chris Dempsey the proposed Trump plan would take money away from other planned projects and would have an adverse effect on the environment due to raised emissions.

Says who?

How could he know that already? Would the proposed plan not directly affect the state’s budget and in turn raise funding for new proposed projects like this?

Of course the budget would be impacted. There is no way for this director of transportation to know what those numbers would look like at this stage in the game. So what does he do?

He panders to the left. He seeks the approval of those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. To the ‘You aren’t going to tell me what to do’ Americans. How does he do that do discreetly? He utters the key phrase “negative impact on the environment.” The magic words to get every hippie, yuppie, and left wing nut on his side.

Partisan Pandering

Neither Markey nor Dempsey had the proper time to full examine all of the options to make such one sided statements.

We don’t need elected officials that shut down ideas before they have the time to give them a real study. Too much partisanship is what got America into the mess it’s in. More of the same won’t solve the problems.

Partisanship plagues the US Capital. Can’t we do better, James Safford wonders.

When people in office act like this, they look like undeserving children throwing rocks at the kids on the other side of the playground. Let’s stop electing these types of people.

A Better Way

Look for candidates that will give every elected official’s propositions the same attention regardless of their political alignments.

In my earlier reference you may have assumed I was referring to the federal government as the boss and the state workers as the middle management. While that analogy works as well it is not what I meant.

YOU are the boss. I am the boss. WE are the bosses. And we say that our elected officials should be doing the jobs they have been elected for. Not this party alignment two step.

James Safford
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