Safford: I Don’t Care About Your Stupid Opinion!


True intelligence comes from one’s ability to leave behind subjectivity and replace it with objectivity.

When you break it all down, true enlightenment comes from your ability to put aside your emotions and judge a situation based on the facts. Most people can’t do that.

Everyone has an opinion. Yet according to my extremely opinionated Italian uncles, everyone also has a backside–so what?

Unfortunately, what everyone doesn’t have is the ability to ignore their personal opinions for the greater good. This is the true mark of a leader.

It’s hard to get passed ones subjectivity and see any real leadership skills.

Trump’s America is Ours

Let’s take our much-maligned President, Donald Trump as exhibit number 1. The man had a television show that promoted the catchphrase ‘You’re fired.’ America voted a man into the White House who extended his fame by firing people and exploiting them. He enjoys humiliating people.

Trump has been a household name for decades. He turned Daddy-money into ‘mo-money’.

My subjective, emotional self is aware that Trump as president is a joke. He is the epitome of a narcissistic fool–a brainless moron. He is a walking punchline. He doesn’t read. He eats well-done steaks (with ketchup).

However, my objective self thinks he is a perfect American president. He is the best representation of the current population.

An American President

Trump, much like the American people as a whole, is volatile and highly opinionated. A man famous for his Twitter rants before even considering running for president, he has made social media his bitch by acting like one…something every American is guilty of from time to time (*myself included).

We don’t deserve better than Trump. Our population is divided into one group of subjective jerks, opposite another group of subjective jerks, with complacent, lazy, apathetic dolts in the middle. Where is superman, flying in to save us? Let’s not hold our breath.

Rock Star Dave Grohl isn’t amused by feeling-based opinions. Neither is James Safford.

This will never change. Your opinion is useless because it is based on limited facts. Your brain is filling in gaps for itself by taking major leaps and your narcissism is letting it. The inflated sense of self importance technology has brought these last two generations is so dangerous that it is influencing people to develop opinions too quickly. We become the angry mob on our own.

Knowledge is power?

No. Knowledge is everything. Without it you are just another purely emotion-driven clown with meaningless words.

Be Informed, Get Taken Seriously

So what makes me so different? I have two positions on everything!

I don’t cater to my subjective opinions at all. I ignore them or I would end up eating my pride with every word. The only time I ever express them is to use them as an example of their existence. Yes I’m furious when Trump makes ridiculous statements, but there is a bigger picture. Do you see it?

Ignore nonsense. Ignore those purely subjective opinions.

Instead speak over them with informed intelligent answers as if they never existed. It’s ok to interpret data and gaps between facts. But don’t let your subjective opinions take the wheel.

For example, let’s imagine a bank was robbed.

A man, named Bob, was seen running from the direction of the bank dressed in all black. The bank was robbed. Bob is a suspect.

Fact Bob is wearing headphones and running shoes.
Fact Bob is always running passed the bank at 8:30 am.
Fact Bob is an off duty police officer.
Fact Bob is a deacon at his church.
Fact Bob is a town council member.
Fact Bob is a local celebrity.

Sadly… Bob is still a suspect. None of the above facts clear Bob as a suspect. While they speak to his character and possible lack of motive you cannot let your opinion of capabilities impact Bob’s status as a suspect.

I’ve eaten bear, seal, and even jellyfish. But I’ve rarely eaten my own words.

Listen More, Talk Less

Facts can sometimes be overturned and you roll with those punches. The only time I’ve been forced to dial it back was when I let my subjective show. Treat your subjective side like a source of shame. Cover it up.

Listen more. Process everything through the speakers eyes before reacting. Are they being subjective or objective?

Do this and you will begin to make the world a better place. You’ll never have to dine on pride, words, or feet again.  

And remember…If you don’t have something constructive to say, ‘Stugots!’

James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at