Giovanni Feroce Wins Endorsement From Burrillville GOP Town Committee

Feroce scored an endorsement from the Burrillville GOP Town Committee on Monday night, which allows him to enter the GOP state convention on Wednesday evening with some momentum.

Giovanni Feroce, Republican candidate for Governor, was endorsed by the Burrillville Republican Town Committee Monday night during their town endorsement convention. Secretary David Place confirmed the win with 70% of the votes.

The endorsement marks Feroce’s first from a city or town committee and no small feat for the candidate running his campaign as an outsider who can get things done.

(Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has scored the most city or town committee endorsements in the race thus far.)

That being said, it gives Feroce some momentum going into tomorrow night’s state Republican convention, where Fung figures to be a heavy favorite to nab the endorsement from the state party. 

Feroce said he addressed the crowd thinking of what his son Tommy had told him the previous evening, which was: “I think you need to tell people your story, you always talk about what you are going to do for Rhode Island, but you skip over your story.” Spurred on by that sentiment Feroce addressed the crowd recounting life as an immigrant growing up in West Warwick, RI. He spoke about his family, becoming the youngest state senator in the nation, serving as a Major in the US Army, and his work in the private sector.

Following the vote announcement, Feroce said he was excited when he heard his name called: “I pride myself on being strong and holding back emotion, but I just couldn’t – although [the committee] didn’t see it. I feel like it is finally happening, people are starting to listen, and more importantly, I am listening. I don’t know what else will happen in this campaign, but I heard my name tonight come out on top.”

Asked what he would say to the Burrillville Town Republican Committee regarding the endorsement, he simply replied: “Thank you with all my heart.”

Russell Moore
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