Giannini: What’s In? What’s Out?


What’s In

Trillo Talks and Morgan Walks…

Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Trillo was endorsed Thursday by Minority Leader and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Patricia Morgan. Morgan said she will actively campaign for Trillo and said he is the best choice in the race. Morgan apparently has walked away from the Republican Party choice of Allan Fung by endorsing Trillo . She did admit to receiving a call from Fung but would only say it did not go well.

Meanwhile, Trillo also touted support from Ken Block, and Arlene Violet. He said further announcements will come.  

The Columbus Day Festival

It takes place this weekend up Federal Hill. The Annual Columbus Parade will be on Sunday, October 7th at 11:00 AM starting in Atwells Avenue. The festival continues all day on Monday!

The Columbus Day Weekend Festival Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday October 6th, 2018 at Noon on the Stage across from the DePasquale Plaza. There are three stages of entertainment for the Columbus Weekend Festival. DePasquale Square, Bank of America at Dean Street and St. John’s Park (Atwells Avenue & Sutton Street) 

Everyone will enjoy, great music, great food and fun for all!  See you there!

The Kavanaugh Debacle

As the Kavanaugh debacle continues, more and more women are coming out with their own stories of alleged abuse. The latest to come forward is Connie Chung Who tells of sexual abuse fifty years ago. There have been many women who are reliving their own personal experiences of sexual abuse because of all these allegations going public. The “ Me too” movement has brought many women forward, some with vivid details and names and some without details and names. Either way, it brings us to a point where we have to wonder, just how bad is it going to get in this country? Will abusers stop abusing victims? Or will the victims stop speaking up for fear of ridicule and doubt?  These are hard times and the women who have spoken and told all by naming their abusers have shown courage and should be given support for trying to expose this country’s dirty little secrets. 

What’s Out

The Providence School Bus Strike

This is week 2 and there is no agreement between “First Student” and the “Teamsters Union”. Children in Providence are still without school transportation and the sting is being felt throughout the whole school system. City officials have called for both parties to settle their dispute and return to work as soon as possible. This certainly is hurting our children, families and school system and the Teamsters and the First Student company need to reach a solution.

Leader Morgan Ousted

Rep. Patricia Morgan was ousted  by the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives as Republican Minority Leader On Thursday after backing Independent Joe Trillo in his bid for Governor.

Former Minority Leader Patricia Morgan

After losing the Republican Primary, Patricia Morgan will not be returning to the State House in January as the Governor or as a State Representative.

She had to give up her State Representative Seat to run for Governor. Fact is why should she care if she is removed from the position? She’s leaving it anyway! My question is would this have been done to anyone else? It seems it’s okay for the Democratic Party, Republican Party and certain elected officials to  back who they want for whatever reason they want.

And sometimes the rules are not followed or observed. My point being it depends who you are and who you are endorsing.  Unfortunately, Patricia Morgan was made an example of. Right or wrong, it only proves there are serious problems in both parties which is why people are becoming independents. Keep it up and even a phone booth will be too big.

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at