Get Your “Made in China” Joe Trillo Hats While They’re Hot!

Trillo likes big signs and big boats.

Joe Trillo says he wants to be Rhode Island’s next Governor.

He’s also a huge Donald Trump supporter. He served as chairman of his campaign here in Rhode Island. Donald Trump has imposed tariffs, to the tune of $50 million on Chinese manufactured goods and agricultural crops. The move’s intention is to encourage made in America products by forcing trade deals that are more fair, according to the administration. 

That didn’t work with one of Trump’s biggest supporters, apparently. 

Eh, chalk it up to just another one of the many contradictions of Trillo.

For instance, Trillo claims to disapprove of just about all of Governor Gina Raimondo’s policies. Yet his entrance into the race as an independent greatly improves the chances that, once again, she’ll win a three person race with those who oppose her (the Republican nominee and supposedly Trillo, who served for two decades as a Republican state representative) splitting up the votes.

Astute political observers realize that in the 2014 election, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung would have prevailed, by a relatively wide margin, had the late Bob Healey not entered the race. 

Trillo doesn’t care. Does Rhode Island?

In any event, let’s hope those who wear those Trillo hats don’t think they created any jobs here in Rhode Island. 

Russell Moore
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