Fung Gets Endorsement From Cumberland GOP Town Committee

Fung is within striking distance.

On Thursday night, the Cumberland Republican Town Committee endorsed Cranston Mayor Allan Fung for Governor, according to a press release from his campaign. 

“The consensus is that Alan’s experience as a Mayor of the second largest city in Rhode Island should serve Rhode Island well,” said Chairwoman of the Cumberland Republican Town Committee Marion O’Brien

Cumberland is the sixth committee to officially endorse Fung in the race for Governor.  

“I thank the Cumberland Republican Committee for their strong vote of confidence,” said Mayor Fung.  “We need to ensure that our border towns, like Cumberland, benefit from my policies like lowering the sales tax to minimize business activity flowing into Massachusetts.”  

Allan Fung grabs another GOP Town Committee endorsement in the race for Governor.

Five other city or towns have endorsed Fung. They include Lincoln, North Kingstown, Warwick and Woonsocket. 

Russell Moore
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