What’s In, What’s Out in Rhode Island


What’s In

Primary Week Coming Up

Wednesday, September 12th is Primary day in RI for both Democrats and Republicans. Exercise your right to votes and remember you can’t complain if you don’t vote.

The Fane Tower Project

The high rise proposal  for the 195 land was sent back to the ordinance committee of the Providence city council for further review. Council members have decided that want to hear from the developer directly on this proposal before making any further decisions.

E-Poll Pads at Polling Places

The Secretary of State’s office has announced that polls in will be using E-poll pads which are electronic tablets to check  in voters at the polls instead of the usual heavy election poll books. These books are traditionally used to check in voters when they go to the polls to vote. This will be a big change from the big and heavy books that have been used before. This new technology has been tried in some parts of Cranston two years ago. But now it will be used in many polling places this Primary. It’s not clear just how many polling places will use this new technology but so many questions remain. Are the poll workers trained to use this new system before Primary day? What if the WiFi don’t work? Let’s hope there is a backup plan if this system doesn’t.

What’s Out

Tragedy in Providence

15-year-old William Parsons was murdered in front of the Providence Career Technical Academy on Wednesday afternoon. This tragedy has rocked the community and saddened us beyond belief. It time to address the problem at the root of the violence.

In 2007 the General Assembly passed a bill to enable the Department of Education to teach conflict resolution in our schools. I sponsored this bill to enable the school curriculum to teach our students how to resolve their differences without violence. It was not passed as a mandate because the Department of education said it would could too much money. Here we are eleven years later, and the violence has escalated. It’s time to change the strategic plan in our school system. Wake up everyone, we need to address the problem now. And for those politicians who are grandstanding in this issue, please don’t anymore. If you want to help, walk the walk, stead of talk the talk. Vote for laws to stop the violence.


Candidate for State Representative ( District7) Belen Florez woke up Sunday morning to find that all four tires on  her car had been stolen with the car remaining on its rims. Belen lives in the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood of Providence. It’s a sad commentary to have had this happen in your own driveway while you were asleep. Neighbors are looking through camera videos for information for the police.

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at Pt3270@yahoo.com


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