Studmire’s Leadership Club to Distribute 500 Backpacks in Bucklin Park on Sunday (With Audio)


Inner-city youngsters who could use a free backpack or just want to have some good, clean fun, are encouraged to head to Bucklin Park in Providence this Sunday at 2 pm. 

That’s because Providence native Ken Studmire, who formed a nonprofit “Studmire’s Leadership Club”, aimed at helping underprivileged and at-risk inner city youngsters last year, is giving them away. He’s got 500. They’re going to be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

These backpacks will be given away by Studmire’s Leadership Club on Sunday from 2-5 pm at Bucklin Park.

“I had researched it, and saw that it was done elsewhere successfully, so I wanted to mimic it,” said Studmire.

A Fun Time For All

Studmire will only require that the youngsters bring along a parent, or an adult family member, or an adult friend/mentor to the event. 

Bucklin Park, shown on this map, will be a fun time for all involved on Sunday. Youngsters who want a backpack are encouraged to come with a parent. Adult Volunteers will also be appreciated.

There’s not just backpacks, however. Studmire’s Leadership Club will also give out free food. There will be various prizes. And kids will be encouraged to play field games. Music will fill the air.

Basically, it’s going to be a fun time had by all who attend, Studmire promises. 

Studmire hopes to use the event as a way to garner more volunteers and sponsors. He wants to build on the momentum he’s created over the last year or so.

Building Momentum

“We’re lining up mentors to help the (young people) with their SAT’s, ACT’s, or college essays…take them on college visits,” said Studmire. “We want to help them build resumes, help them find jobs. And if they’re in desperate need of somewhere to live, we’ll help them find an apartment as well.”

Studmire said he’s always wanted to start a non-profit aimed at helping at-risk, inner city youth from low-income families.

Studmire benefited from great mentors as a youngster. He wants to make sure all kids today have the same benefit. (We won’t hold that Lakers sticker against him.)

When Studmire was in a similar situation, growing up in the projects, he had positive role models and mentors. His organization is his attempt to give back. 

A former star basketball player at Classical High School, Studmire has experience mentoring youth as a basketball coach. His new role gives him a chance to focus on mentoring and helping others full-time.

“We don’t care who you are, or where you come from. We just want to help out,” said Studmire. 

Listen to the whole 15-minute interview with Studmire below:

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