Safford: Keep Families Together, But Without Open Borders

The separation of families at the border is all on Trump, Matt Fecteau points out.

The same mouths that are crying about children being separated from their families at the border are also crying poverty for the American citizens that already live here.

The extreme liberal agenda would have us baking and eating our own cakes, but have no clue how to pay for the ingredients.

Their agendas are working against each other.

As a practical thinker dead set in the center of the political spectrum, I see both sides clearly.

The left is hypocritically working against themselves here. I’m not saying I support separating families at the border–absolutely not.

No Open Borders

But I’m also not saying I support stupid either. If you want to swallow a false narrative–that’s on you.

Let’s think about this practically. First. how do we know these undocumented children are even related to the undocumented adults? We don’t. They are undocumented. They could be. But they could also be close family.

For all we know, people could be paying these adults to smuggle their children into the USA. Think of it as international daycare.

There are too many questions.

Unanswered Questions

Questions answered simply by preparation. Get your documents in order. Enter the US legally. Come to that border prepared, or don’t come at all.

Does that sound harsh? So is watching American citizens beg for change at every single street corner in America. Are they lazy or complacent? Maybe, but there are better programs for immigrants than there are for retired Military veterans.

At some point we have to say stop. But everyone seems to be missing one strong point here. I’m going to refer to this point as the ‘bad apple’.

Lessons From Bouncing

Unlike most people, I worked my way through college and grad school working at bars. I was a bartender, a manager, and a door man. Door man was by far my favorite thing to do because I was good at it. I ran the door at a few places that held thousands of people. It was exhilarating.

When a group of people came in and one of them was intoxicated or out of dress code I had a solution that worked every time. I would pull the entire group aside and single out their friend. I would explain that their friend wasn’t getting in. My policy was to deny the entire group.

They would respond with outrage every time. Can we leave him in the car? Stick him in a cab? And I’d simply say no. All of you are barred for the night because of him.

All For One, One For All

This preventative measure had a 100% success rate of avoiding the problems that come with only allowing some of the group inside.

Before I used this strategy. we always had problems when something like this would happen. If we just bared the intoxicated guy he would try to sneak in. He would hound us at the door. He would sit outside and heckle other patrons from across the street. He never got in a cab and went home. He never waited in the car or went somewhere else alone. He wanted to get in because that’s where his friends were.

We need to consider this strategy at the borders. Don’t separate anyone. Deny them all until they can get their paperwork in order. We cannot afford to be a waystation for undocumented immigrants. I wish we could.

Will Washington every provide a reasonable solution to immigration?

I wish we could open the borders and let everyone into the land of milk and honey. Unfortunately we are out of honey and milk is being taxed out the wazoo. Right now we can barely call ourselves the Land of bread and water.

Don’t Separate Anyone

If you really care about keeping families together and opening up our borders you need to do two things.

Remind the families with partial paperwork that they do not have to enter the country. They can and should remain with their undocumented travelers. Ultimately its their choice but if we want to protect ourselves and repair this country so we CAN let them ALL in we need to make that decision for them.

We cannot stop the leak in the sink while someone is pouring more water down the drain. Short term changes to reach the end game goal this country was built upon.

Once we get back to that, we can open the doors as they were meant to be opened.

James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at