Racist Flyers Targeting NAACP Chairman Jim Vincent Found in Multiple Cities

Photo Taken by Nancy Green

With reports coming in about sightings in Pawtucket, at the Brown University campus, and in Providence neighborhoods, racist flyers naming Jim Vincent, Chairman of the Providence NAACP, have been appearing on Saturday, February 3, 2017.

At 12:42 pm the poster was shared on Facebook by a user and quickly circulated online.

The photo used in the poster is Vincent’s Facebook profile picture. It also alludes to financial matters that have been raised as recently as last summer regarding the Providence branch’s books. It bears mentioning here that, while these fiscal matters were part of a wider discussion raised by members in 2017, there has been no indication at all that the parties who raised concerns are connected to these flyers and that instead the invocation is advantageous provocation.

(Last summer’s internal disputes regarding these financial matters were addressed both locally and regionally by the NAACP as having failed to follow proper grievance procedures and protocols.)

At press time, discussion was developing about having a community meeting in Providence. Vincent has not made any public statement but it is said he will offer comment on Sunday.

We will continue to report on this story as it develops.

Andrew Stewart is a local filmmaker who also enjoys writing, collecting stamps, causing a raucous on social media and eating—primarily rice and beans. You can reach him at hasc.warrior.stew@gmail.com.


  1. As a democratic socialist I see this local NAACP chief Jim Vincent as a professional race card player. He is up to his neck in Democratic Party ” identity politics ” intrigue. There is a dark cloud over his credibility. And ” negro ” was never a racist slur word . In the past it was the polite alternative to the universally banned N-word. I would have to read the whole pamphlet myself to judge it as HATE propaganda. I suspect some ” person of color ” wants Vincent’s prestigious pseudo-VOICE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY- job.
    Yet another FAKE NEWS story racializing every incident involving ” people of color ” ? Unless they think the Civil Rights Movement was a complete failure, there is NO institutionalized racism in the USA today. The human soul is what it is – for good or evil. The STATE should leave it alone.

  2. One can only see the front page of the pamphlet. However, based on reading the ProJo every morning over the past 30 years, which of the three points highlighted is actually incorrect? Vincent and Elorza are making a big deal out of this spurious flyer to enhance their own news coverage

    • Thank you. I suspect ” identity politics ” intrigue here . Is it partisan fanaticism just to want to know the truth ? I did send off a skeptical opinion of this incident to Providence Journal editorial page editor, Ed Achorn . I doubt if it will be published . My email : radicalron72647@gmail.com.

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