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Rhode Island is amazing.

Our communities are close-knit. There are beautiful beaches and a major city 45 minutes apart. We’ve got some of the best restaurants in the world. There’s culture here. Our people are amazing.
Yet the state sabotages itself.
Rhode Island is one of the most over-taxed states in the union. Still, our infrastructure crumbles. We devote tremendous resources to our school departments. Student’s test scores are dismal. 
We pay a lot. We get little.
But why?
That’s why I’ve devoted my professional career to figuring it out.
Here at, we’ll write about everything that’s relevant to Rhode Island. That will include the great, the good, the bad, and the disgusting. We’ll cover it all.
Readers should expect incisive, data-driven news stories. There will also be investigative pieces, and hard-hitting opinion columns. We’ll also feature articles with in depth analysis.
We’re driven by old school values like accuracy, honesty, and courage. But we’re also fueled by modern ideas about journalism. will feature veteran journalists like my partner Stephen Beale, and myself. We feature a combined 30 years of journalism experience.
But we also plan to introduce plenty of fresh faces, with opinions and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.
There are no holds barred here. There are no sacred cows to protect. Everything and everyone is fair game. Nothing is taboo.
Please, make no mistake about it: you won’t find any “access journalism” on 
Our unique news stories will inform. They will be fair, balanced, and informative.
Our opinion section will reflect the vast diversity of the views of the people of Rhode Island. They’ll be wide ranging. But they’ll always be provocative and interesting.
Our sports section will have unique analysis. 
And our lifestyle section will be the coolest the state has ever seen.
We care about what’s happening in Rhode Island. And we’ll report on everything relevant to it.
We’re building something tremendous. Join us.
Russell Moore
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