Giannini: What’s In? What’s Out?


What’s In?

Another women State Rep. Defects

Another State Representative has stated that she will not vote for House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello for Speaker. Freshman Rep. Susan Donovan, a Democrat from Bristol, has stated she would not vote for Mattiello in a letter to the editor in the Bristol Phoenix.

“Democracy cannot function when power is consolidated in a way that one individual can act as an impenetrable wall in the way of those of us working on behalf of our constituents. Unfortunately what I found was a Speaker who blocks bills from passage that are important to our communities,” was the statement given by Rep. Donovan.  

Nicholas Mattiello

She joins Rep.Deborah Ruggiero , a Democrat from Jamestown/ Middletown, who has also stated she will not vote for Mattiello for Speaker. Ruggiero is a member of the Speaker’s Leadership team and a committee chair.  Mattiello has announced he will be holding a a Democratic caucus vote for Speaker on Thursday, November 8th,  just  two days after the election. It will be interesting to see if any more Representatives defect or if opposition to Mattiello develops.

Nor’easter Heading Our Way.

Saturday night will bring us a Nor’easter.

Heavy winds and rain will start on Saturday night and may go into Sunday morning.  This will be a coastal storm and rain and clouds may hang around for a few days, so be prepared.  Buy the batteries and candles as we prepare for a New England fall storm.

Auntie Em!

We had a tornado in North Providence and Lincoln this week, causing damages to homes and trees.  Luckily, no one was hurt, but 26 homes on Riata drive in Lincoln were damaged.  The tornado hit on Tuesday about 3:30PM. Little Rhody made national news, as Al Roker of the Today show said it was an “uncommon and extremely rare” weather pattern for Rhode Island

What’s out

After referencing a “Blackface example” as a Halloween costume, Megyn Kelly drew outrage and criticism. Within 24 hours it was announced that she was off the show and leaving NBC with full pay.  That seems to be all that we were told as I write this on Thursday.

Kelly has a history of being controversial and outspoken. Where will she end up now? Probably on Saturday night live!

Pipe Bombs

Selected Democrats and liberals have been sent what was called “ pipe bombs” to their homes.  The Clintons, Obama’s, Joe Biden, Rep. Maxine Shavers and even the restaurant owned by Robert Deniro have been targeted with this latest terror.  Investigators are working to find out what’s going on in New York and Washington where the bombs were sent and who is behind it. Meanwhile it puts everyone on edge and is not to be taken lightly. It is a very dangerous situation.


An 18-day-old infant boy has died while in foster care. DCYF is now investigating the issue.  Social workers have said that the boy died in his sleep. Let’s hope this investigation is quick and  accurate. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at