Fecteau: Fiscal Conservative Hypocrites

It wasn’t too long ago fiscal conservatives cried foul when seeing the deficit and debt levels under President Obama.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being an ass clown.

It wasn’t too long ago fiscal conservatives cried foul when seeing the deficit and debt levels under President Obama. Where are the fiscal conservatives now squawking about that debt now? With the economy booming, we should not have such high deficits, but thanks to the Trump clown car of a White House, we do.

Republicans – cough, House Speaker Paul Ryan, cough — castrated President Barack Obama for increased spending levels, and the exploding debt and deficits. Obama’s critics failed to always note the country was economically imploding, and without government intervention, we would have faced another Great Depression. Obama’s policies such as Obamacare were more humane and paid long-term dividends (costing us a little more in the short term but reducing our debt and deficit levels in the long-term).

It already has been proven tax cuts on the rich predominantly and disproportionately don’t trickle down. This nonsense was debunked by the Congressional Budget – over and over again. Tax cuts are good, but you know, we have that thing called the future to worry about, and other ‘small’ priorities like preventing the apocalypse through changing climate patterns.

With the mounting debt levels, Trump has not committed to any significant spending reduction. There are some preposterous exceptions such as cutting spending from agencies and spending restraints on unemployment insurance and food stamps (won’t even make a dent in the debt).

Trillion’s deficits look like they are going to be around for a long time, and unlike the much more benevolent Obama era policies, won’t provide help to those who need it most. Trump is intent on stripping people of their health care and giving them approximately $1,610 or a bump of 2.2% of the average household income per year (not a whole lot when considering people are going bankrupt just to stay alive). Meanwhile, the wealthy households earning one million or more will receive a cut of $69,660  on average or 3.3% per year (according to the Tax Policy Center) — insanity.

The economy is no longer imploding, but debt levels remain a problem. Trump inherited a very good economy from Obama, unlike the economy, Obama inherited from President Bush. However, Trump wants to give away free stuff without paying for it (a typical criticism Republicans have about Democrats). The fiscal conservative hypocrites don’t seem to mind deficits so long as they are accumulated on a Republican president’s watch. This was the case with President Ronald Reagan and is currently the case now to the extreme.

Trump’s tax cuts are more like Reagan’s tax policy on steroids and with Republicans no longer squawking about the debt and deficit, he has free rein to pass debt to our children. Fiscal conservatives, come out, come out wherever you are! We need you to talk about making meaningful spending cuts such as these ridiculous corporate subsidies. Stop robbing the poor to pay for rich people.

As a person concerned about the future, I’d prefer the more benevolent, yet utopian socialist policies that the Democratic Party has embraced over free rein Trump capitalism run amuck any day — just me.