Brown Under Fire for Prohibiting Recording of Elizabeth Warren Speech Tomorrow

Freedom of Speech

Brown University’s decision to prohibit individuals from recording US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech, slated to take place tomorrow on campus, despite the fact that the event is open to the public, has created widespread criticism from press freedom advocates. 

In response, the New England First Amendment Coalition released this statement today:

“The New England First Amendment Coalition calls on Brown University and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to find a way to remove the audio, video and photographic restrictions planned for the Nov. 7 event. While Brown is a private university, Senator Warren is a public official, and the interest in what a potential presidential candidate says the day after Election Day is obvious.”
“We are sure that an Ivy League institution, which has a long history of hosting high-profile speaker, has the ability to find a solution — whether it be using pool videographers and photographers, allowing video and audio recording on cell phones, and/or using a larger venue that would allow for unfettered coverage of this event of high public interest. In a high-tech era, let’s not limit access to the ‘pencil press’. Amid anti-press sentiment, let’s not set unnecessary press restrictions.”
Russell Moore
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  1. Brown University has been contemptuous of the FREE SPEECH and FREE THOUGHT tradition of Western Civilization for years now . Now and then I would COMMENT on the Brown Daily Herald Web Site – always from a democratic socialist perspective . Months ago I was suddenly -without even the courtesy of an explanation – BANNED FROM THE BROWN DAILY HERALD WEB SITE .
    This is where being besotted with vicious” identity politics ” and vacuous political correctness gets the Ivy League universities. The phony LEFT is smothering civil debate.

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