Scenes from Terrificon 2018, Day 1


Friday was the first day of the annual “Terrificon”, hosted by Mohegan Sun. 

I made the trip down last year, and had a good time. I figured this year I would go again. 

Disclaimer: I had free tickets last year. I had free tickets this year as well. (Thanks to my friend David Feinstein.)

I’m sure that that fact put me in a good mood and gave me a positive attitude about the event. Had I paid $30 for the privilege of entering, my disposition may have been so sunny and my attitude may have not glass-half-full. 

Nevertheless, it was a good time. I was able to obtain some interesting books and comic books from debut artists at reasonable prices. 

As always, the best part was seeing the other people who attended, with costumes on full display. 

Here’s what I saw. 

Who says superman is dead? Apparently, it was superman’s birthday. I was asked to sign his birthday card. Who am I to say “no”?
I’m a big Star Wars guy, so I love to see people dressed in character.
This jedi knight soon learned that even they have to pass through security–despite their force powers.
Ralph Macchio, famous for his roles in The Karate Kid movies, was present on Friday, and will appear this weekend as well. At $60 per photo, I was forced to take a photo from afar.
Connecticut author PJ Fenton was present, selling copies of his new book, “The City of Nis”. The book sounded interesting enough, and at $10 a copy, I grabbed one. Fenton signed it for me.
Lou Ferrigno AKA “The Incredible Hulk” was also in the house, signing autographs for $60 a pop. Not bad.
There was a Galdolf impersonator!
A photo of the Bat Mobile. I’d like to someday own one of these.
The car from The Blues Brothers.
The Convention floor.
The Green Power Ranger was also in the house. Or, at least someone dressed in a green Power Ranger outfit.
What is that thing?

This guy had just way too much energy. He takes the old saying “dance like no one’s watching” a bit too literally.
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