Moore: Trump’s Singapore Summit Was a Flop, a Blunder, and a Disgrace

Sticks and stones will break bones, but calling names won't hurt, unless it's President Trump does it to the media, because they're very sensitive (wimpy) you see.

I’m confused by how any red-blooded Americans aren’t sickened by the optics of an American President taking photographs and shaking hands with one of the world’s most cruel, brutal, and oppressive dictators.

I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing those North Korean Flags hanging side-by-side of our American flags made me want to vomit. In what reality are those two countries anywhere near equals?

Nobody can agree with their country’s decisions 100-percent of the time. I’m not certain that I always even agree with myself.

But I hold it to be self-evident, that since the dawn of the 20th Century, America has been an unparalleled force for good. In other words, we’re pretty much the polar opposite of North Korea. How can Donald Trump shower this Kim Jong Un maniac with dignity that he hasn’t done anything to deserve?

A Brutal, Oppressive Regime

Everybody who follows foreign affairs, even in a rudimentary way, understands the evil that is North Korea’s current government. The regime murders, tortures, rapes, and starves its own people. The country employs several prison camps where political dissidents are forced to labor with little to no chance of ever being released.

Take the case of Grace Jo, who was born there. Jo has come forward to several media outlets to discuss the horror of the North Korean regime. She lost two brothers to starvation. On two occasions, her mother and sister escaped the country, but were apprehended in China and sent back to North Korea.

If Kim Jong Un gets invited to the White House, Russell Moore will throw up.

As a child she was forced, on several occasions, to eat mice to survive. Her father was beaten to death by government soldiers after trying to get his family to another country. She lost two brothers to starvation.

It wasn’t until she and her mother and sister escaped into China, for a third time in 2006, that she was put on a path to asylum in the United States, thanks to a Christian Pastor who discovered and helped them.

American Exceptionalism?

Miss Jo, now an American citizen and college student, doesn’t understand why an American President is willing to negotiate with such a maniacal dictator. Miss Jo, from one American citizen to another, you’re not alone.

I also don’t understand how the President can (rightfully) criticize that despicable Iran deal that President Obama executed, yet move down a similar path with this lying, conniving madman.

It’s not like this regime hasn’t made false promises before. In 1994 the Clinton administration loosened sanctions on North Korea in exchange for a promise to halt uranium enrichment. Of course the regime lied. That’s why Trump was there this week, making the same mistake. 

Langevin Is Spot On

He promised to halt our Military exercises South Korean in exchange for an empty North Korean promise to denuclearize. That’s another lie.   

But this wouldn’t even be worth it if they were telling the truth.

RI Congressman James Langevin gets the situation entirely correct in a press release today. 

“While this was an historic meeting, the President has left Singapore short on details and long on promises,” said Langevin. “…we need to see verifiable, concrete steps if we are to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula. I worry, too, about the President’s disturbing pattern of alienating our allies and advancing the interests of our adversaries, especially one as brutal as the North Korean regime. I hope for the success of continued dialogue, but it is far from clear that today’s summit was anything more than another of North Korea’s publicity stunts.”

I would further ask if we really want to eradicate any sense of moral authority we have in order to appease a bully because we’re afraid of his nuclear capabilities? Is that what American exceptionalism looks like today?

I think not. In fact, I don’t like this one bit. I think it sucks.

Russell Moore
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