Moore: Progressive Democrats Believe Government Should Be Omnipotent


I found it quite disingenuous this week when everyone–particularly Democrats–got all up in arms when a Washington D.C. Councilman suggested that a powerful family controlled the weather. 

That’s puzzling. Isn’t that what Democrats believe when they talk about climate change? 

Trayon White Sr., the councilman in question, took to Facebook and mentioned “climate control” by the Rothschilds, who “create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities.”

Of course, many found the Facebook post to contain anti-Semitic undertones. White, with his tail firmly between his legs, issued an apology over the statement. 

DC Councilman apologizes for saying a powerful family controls the weather. But “progressives” think the government can and should control it.

But let’s hold on a second here. Progressives believe that the government can control the weather. They rant and rave about “climate change”, despite the fact that the climate constantly changes throughout geological ages. That’s happened regardless of whether humans were in existence or not. 

Yet whether or not ones believes in climate change, almost, if not all Progressives do. They think that as long as we regulate our carbon dioxide emissions, we can prevent “climate change”. 

“Do Something” About Climate Change

Let that sink in for a second. The Progressive Democrats believe that the government can control the weather! They have so much faith in government that it’s sickening. 

Gina Raimondo and the Democrats cannot protect the children in the DCYF’s care. They cannot implement a computer system (UHIP) without all Hell breaking loose and squandering millions of dollars. The government in Rhode Island cannot efficiently run the DMV. 

Yet evidence doesn’t matter. The government needs more authority! We need to address climate change, these progressives tell us. All that means is “we need to give government more control over your life.” 

Freedom is so overrated (unless you want to kill an unborn fetus). 

So since the Progressives think the government can control the weather, is it really that much of a stretch for someone like Councilman White to think that a powerful family can do it? 

The Parkland Pawns

It’s similar to their belief that a new law, banning guns, will somehow prevent mass shootings. Parkland survivors David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are leading a nationwide campaign to threaten everyone’s second amendment rights after a shooting that happened at their school. 

But what about the fact that the FBI didn’t act on tips that the madman gunman was a powder keg ready to explode? And what about the school sheriff that hid instead of engaging the shooter?

These supposedly “heroic” students aren’t going to touch those issues.

First, Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent, so Hogg won’t bite the hand that feeds him. So much for “courage”.  

Second, these students aren’t going to say anything that will diminish the government. That wouldn’t fit the progressive narrative.

They’re progressives. Their dream is unlimited government. That’s because they believe in its power to solve all problems. 

Unfortunately, that’s a fantasy. But we can forgive children for believing in fantasies. 

It’s the adults propping them up that should know better. 

Government creates problems. It doesn’t solve them. 

The sooner we all start realizing this fact, the better off we’re all going to be. 

Russell Moore
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