Moore Life: Trump’s State of The Union – It’s the Economy, Stupid

Sticks and stones will break bones, but calling names won't hurt, unless it's President Trump does it to the media, because they're very sensitive (wimpy) you see.

In a well-delivered, coherent, and entirely effective speech, President Donald Trump framed the state of America as strong, thanks to economic growth.

Liberals or progressives–or whatever the big government, pro-tax advocates who think Washington DC bureaucrats can make decisions for American citizens better than we can are calling themselves these days–can complain about Trump and protest after their comfortable Sunday brunches.

But they cannot deny that there’s been serious economic growth under Trump’s administration. People’s 401k’s, private retirements accounts, are soaring nationwide.

“After years and years of wage stagnation we are finally seeing rising wages,” Trump said.

He touted economic success–such as rising wages and low unemployment across the board–as a way to counter one of his biggest criticisms, that he’s insensitive to racial minorities and their plight.

Something I’m very proud of: African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.”

Economic Growth

The unemployment record for black Americans is currently at 6.8 percent–that’s the lowest the number has ever been since it has been recorded (in the early 70s).

Trump’s critics, however, argue that the President has no right to take responsibility for the nation’s economic growth.

Rhode Island Congressman James Langevin sent out a statement making that argument.

“President Trump’s first year in office continued the long upswing of economic growth that began during President Obama’s term…Tonight, the President took full credit for the healthy economy. But at a time of historic partisan dysfunction in Washington, DC, it’s important to remember much of that progress has taken place despite the President’s action, not as a result of them,” said Langevin.

Credit to President?

The question remains whether or not the American people believe Trump’s policies, particularly, the landmark tax reform legislation passed by Congress late last year, is responsible–and to what degree.

The President also said that he wants Congress to act on passing legislation that will lower the price of prescription drugs. Furthermore, Trump is hoping for a massive infrastructure bill as well as immigration reform predicated on compromise.

It remains to be seen whether these dreams can become reality.

But as long as the economy remains strong, despite what polls may say, Trump will remain a threat to win a second term in office.

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