Moore Life: Progressives Tax Everything in Race to the Bottom

The national debt and local liabilities will force us to spend less on the things that matter.

Congratulations, Rhode Island! You’re not the dumbest state in the union. The Ocean State owes a big “thank you” to New Jersey for that distinction. 

Because, as we speak, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is living every progressive’s dream. 

The newly elected governor revealed his budget today. And it contains everything a liberal wants. That state, of course, won’t have to live within its means. Of course not! 

What I’m saying is the budget is a total nightmare. 

Instead, Governor Murphy plans to just tax and spend his way to prosperity! Didn’t you know it’s that easy? All we need to do, according to progressives like Murphy, is spend enough money, and take enough of it from productive citizens and we’ll have heaven on earth. 

Murphy’s plan is to hike the sales tax and taxes on high income earners, makes no pension plan reforms, legalize marijuana (because there aren’t enough stupid people walking around), free community college, and a brand new online sales tax!

Does that sound familiar? Of course it does! 

Here in Rhode Island, we have legions of progressives. Each of them who would love to enact a program just like Murphy’s. 

They’d love to hike taxes on high income earners. Never mind that those high income earners will just head for greener pastures. Truths we don’t like–just ignore them.  

If there’s a problem, progressives will always give you the same answer: more government.

Here in Rhode Island, we have a DCYF where children are literally dying in the state’s care. We cannot even implement a computer system. Instead, we waste hundreds of millions of dollars and prevent people from receiving benefits.

Want to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles? Expect to stand there for hours on end. The roads are crumbling. Our schools are falling apart. 

Yet the progressives here in Rhode Island or in Hell hole New Jersey, think we don’t spend enough money. 

Progressives don’t want to make hard decisions. They don’t want to tell people what isn’t pleasant to hear. Namely, that we need to live within our means. 

Instead, there’s always someone else to tax. There’s always another program to create. More, and more, and more. Just tax everything! Who knew government was this easy?

Follow that plan, and you’ll be installing cameras in places with artificially low speed limit zones. (Again, don’t be concerned that you’ll kill your businesses when folks boycott the city.)

Eventually, the government runs out of finding someone else to pay.

Sorry progressives, but economics doesn’t care about your feelings. New Jersey, and Rhode Island will continue learning these truths–the hard way, of course. 

Russell Moore
Russell J. Moore is the publisher and founder of He’s been writing about Rhode Island since 2005. You should definitely follow him on twitter @russmoore713. If you want to send him email, you can send it to


  1. Nice piece. Our Center estimated that just 15 of the progressive’s 2017 pieces of legislation would cost over $6,000,000,000 (BILLION) to RI taxpayers, business owners, and ratepayers.

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