Moore: With Every Tragedy Comes Calls to Restrict Freedoms

Collectivism has infected American culture, Russell Moore argues.

Disgust. Sadness. Anger.

Naturally, those were my first reactions upon hearing about the deadly school shooting in Broward County, Florida last Wednesday. I’m sure almost all other Americans felt the same.

But shortly thereafter, I’m soon beset with even more grief. That’s because I know that the tragedy will be used as a catalyst to restrict more of our freedom.

Of course that was the case last week.

Immediately, the tragic shooting was politicized. Gun control advocates began their push for restrictions on gun ownership.

I know that freedom is an American value on the decline. I get that.

Politicizing Tragedy

Think about it. How often do we hear people saying how great it feels to be free? Are we even that free? Has freedom just become a meaningless catchword in the western world?

Instead, people are far more concerned with their perceived entitlements.

They have tremendous faith in government. The average person thinks if we pass the right laws, we can make a Paradise here on earth. (Ah, were it only that simple.)

It shouldn’t be surprising. After all, how many people believe that the government can control the weather and combat “climate change”.

But what most people don’t know, is that we don’t even have a constitutional right to safety.

Do We Value Freedom?

In June of 2005 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that police departments do not have a constitutional duty to protect us from harm. Instead, they’re simply there to enforce the law and help arrest perpetrators after crimes take place.

If that doesn’t justify the existence of the second amendment–than nothing does.

Yet, we’re mostly hearing a simplistic approach to combat the latest tragic shooting. Just ban certain rifles. That will solve problems.

But how? Why does taking weapons away from responsible gun owners make anyone feel as if that’s going to make us safer. It obviously makes us less free.

FBI Was Warned, Still Didn’t Protect Us

And why aren’t people more focused on the inadequate operation of the FBI. The FBI was warned about this sick madman’s warnings, yet failed to act. That’s despicable.

I get it. The FBI is a sacred cow. President Donald Trump is feuding with it, so people refrain from criticizing the bureau. We wouldn’t want to sound like we’re Trump supporters when Lebron James isn’t.

And it’s easier to argue for more gun control than to face the reality that our largest law enforcement agency failed us.

What about the fact that American culture encourages violence. Violent video games are prevalent. Movies glorify it, as do so many rap songs.

An AR-15. If America bans this weapon, will there be no more school shootings?

Gun Grabbers

Don’t get me wrong: I understand that certain weapons, like the AR-15 aren’t useful for hunting or even personal self defense. All the weapon is useful for is to kill large numbers of people. I understand.

I’m also not saying a ban on that particular weapon would be the end of freedom as we know it.

Yet when the next tragedy occurs, the gun grabbers are going to have to find some new gun to grab. The slope is slippery.

With each passing tragedy, Americans will continue to lose more of their freedoms.

I guess it’s easier to change laws than to change ourselves.

Russell Moore
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