Safford: Millennial Mentality—My Review of The Last Jedi


If you want to understand Millennials, look at their entertainment. Start with the new Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi. (SPOILERS BELOW)

Politics will definitely be affected by what I call The Millennial Mindset. And those will be dark times, my friends.

We need to do what we can, while we are here, to whip these kids into shape.

The generations before the millennials had a “heroes”’ mindset. Accomplishment of great and amazing deeds made you a hero. Hard work paid off. Long hours of study and practice? Those days are gone. The days of the hero are over.

They have been replaced by the ‘everyone matters’ mindset.

The Mediocre Mindset

Everyone gets a trophy.

Instant gratification has been one-upped by auto-gratification. Now, I don’t mean self gratification here. I mean the expected automatic gratification of winning, before you even compete!  

This generation has found a way to assume everyone is special, therefore redefining the word in the process.

Uniqueness is no longer. There is no crowd to stand out from.They are all holding trophies. We now have to wade through the seas of posers to find the true champions.

I’ll use an example that has spanned the last 40 years of humanity…Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker was an underdog hero. From the 70s, 80s, and 90s we looked to the silver screen to find our heroes. And Luke was one of them.

Their heroic deeds and feats of strength made them stand out above all others. Luke went from farm boy to Jedi and saved the universe. Don’t expect to find that in the newer installments of Star  Wars.

Episodes 7 and 8 kill off two of the heroes of old–Luke Skywalker and Hahn Solo. And we know Princess Leia dies in the upcoming episode 9.

Existence, Not Practice, Makes Perfect

How does the heroic Jedi prince and heir to the most powerful Jedi (Luke Skywalker) die? Does he dream himself to death to save his daughter?

Nope. She turns out to be the daughter of two junkies. Rey turns out to be a nobody?

How does Rey get to be so awesome? Was it from years and countless hours of training? Of course not! She was born super awesome!

Snoke, who was presented as the new Big Bad, really turns out to be a weakling with no ties to the first 6 movies!

Everyone Is Awesome

If you removed Han, Luke, and Leia episodes 7,8, and 9 have basically nothing to do with the first 6…despite the Chewy/Yoda/Akbar cameos (yeah the fish guy is the same fish guy) Why?

The point came across very clearly at the end of the movie. The young nobody born into slavery used the forced to move a broom and sweep up alien animal shit. Jedi are not royalty. Jedi are not special. Jedi are everywhere. Here’s a trophy kid, now use the force

I digress into fandom.

And if Star Wars isn’t your thing the same example can be seen in today’s music.

An Insult To Artistry

During the decades that preceded the year 2000 (and up into the early 2000’s) live music was where it was at. When an artist came out that you appreciated or was musically inspired by their talent you had to see them live. Sure, we had records, tapes, CDs, and the radio. But we still had to see these band in person.

Archaic formats have been traded in, and radio stations are dying out, but the internet has filled all of those voids evenly. Why then have people stopped supporting live music?

We can thank home studios for that. Today, everyone is a DJ. Or at the very least, the can be. Guitar Hero and DJ Hero make people with virtually zero musical talent feel talented.

At an extended family event last year, someone asked me if I enjoyed playing covers on stage. As a seasoned musician, I had played some pretty decent sized shows back in the late 90’s. I answered the question and added what song I enjoyed playing the most. I was interrupted mid-sentence by a 17-year-old kid who claimed that he scores perfect on that song in Guitar Hero. He followed that up by challenging me to a game to prove it.

Point, set, match. Until you see it for yourself, you may not even be aware of it. Untalented nobodies, with zero understanding of hard work and practice, seek glorification for some dumbed-down Millennial version of something real.

When they wake up from their delusions all they will have left is a realization of their pointlessness. The results will be disastrous.

We need to stop breeding this and put them in their place at a younger age. If your kid sucks at something don’t give them a pat on the back. Give them what we got…a kick in the ass and tell them to try harder.

Failure breeds success. A false sense of success only breeds failure.

James Safford
James Safford is a member of the Scituate Land Trust and Conservation Commission. He has authored multiple books and sees politics though a bipartisan viewpoint. Send him email at