Joanne’s Journey to Felicia’s In East Greenwich

The owner of Felicia's, Felicia Revens.

When someone tells me that they run “On Dunkin”, I always ask them a question.

“Are you a coffee lover?”

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh hot brewed coffee in the morning, after dinner or mid afternoon?  Nowadays, even teens are drinking super large ice coffees and lattes after school. Coffee has become a national phenomenon in so many varieties.

One of my favorite pastimes is going to a specialty coffee shop. There’s something relaxing about sitting in my favorite shop drinking a fresh brewed mocha latte with whipped cream that makes my day.  

I decided to take a trip on Halloween to one of my favorite coffee shops, Felicia’s coffee shop on 5757 Post Road in East Greenwich. It’s super easy to find, located right across the street from the Post Office with plenty of parking. There is even a drive thru if you want your “java to go”. 

There’s no shortage of deliciousness at Felicia’s!

Felicia’s coffee shop is bright, cheery and comfy. Feel free to set up your WiFi and enjoy your cappuccino by the warm fire or meet a friend for a passion ice tea. There really are so many choices to choose from in this coffee emporium.

One thing about this coffee shop is that the  coffee beans are ground fresh with all different varieties of coffee.  My decaffeinated ice coffee of the day was “chocolate mousse”, which is my favorite. My hot flavored coffee favorite is Irish Crea, but this month Pumpkin Spice has been the boss. The menu on the chalkboard will tell you all the daily specials of coffee, cookies and muffins.

In addition to serving low fat high fiber muffins in all kinds of varieties, they also have low-fat, high fiber cookies in chocolate chip or Mounds bar. There always is a specialty muffin or cookie-of-the-day, and they are fresh.

Felicia’s also serves breakfast sandwiches such as a bacon, ham and cheese on an English muffin, which is my personal favorite. They have a egg mufflet which is an egg and cheese made in a muffin pan and it is low calorie!

There are always smiling faces at Felicia’s.

The real chocoholics will try the huge chocolate cupcakes or  pumpkin cheesecake slices and other pastry items. Felicia’s also takes orders for specialty cheesecakes and pies for the Holiday season. I’ve tried the turtle cheesecake for my family and it was rich, creamy and delicious!

Everyday is different at this specialty coffee shop which offers many different  varieties of coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, ice coffees, hot cocoa, ice teas and hot teas as well. If you want a real wake up call,  try the espresso.

This Halloween day I decided to have a decorated ghost cookie and I couldn’t decide between the decorated Halloween cookies or Halloween cupcakes, so I bought two of everything. Gee, come on, it’s Halloween and what fun would it be without a treat!  There’s nothing like a fresh old fashioned sugar cookie with icing. Delicious! Warning! This place makes it hard to stay on a diet.

The owner of Felicia’s coffee shop, Felicia Revens, has made the business  of selling coffee and pastry into an art. On this Halloween day the  staff, including  the  owner Felicia, had on Halloween costumes which put me into the Halloween mode. It’s nice to see people enjoy serving the public who do it with a smile.

Whether it be a sesame bagel with flavored cream cheese, or a humongous cinnamon coffee bun, you will get your sweet tooth satisfied at this place. And don’t forget to take a treat home. You are sure to find whatever you are craving for at Felicia’s. So next time someone asks  you “ Do you want to go for “coffee and”?; say yes and Journey on down to Felicia’s coffee shop. The java of your choice awaits you!

Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at


  1. I worked at Felicia’s a long time ago. It’s the one job I loved working at but also loved the way I smelled after I got done with work.When people come to visit me in Florida they always ask what they can bring me. I always say “FELICIA’S please!” ☕️

  2. Love this place! I always want to (and sometimes have) blow off work to spend hours here relaxing and catching up with friends!

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