Joanne’s Journey to the Apple Orchards!


The beginning of the soft chill in the air, the turning color of the leaves and the turn back of the clocks, reminds me that fall is here. With that introduction, I decided it was time to take a ride to some of Rhode Island’s best apple orchards.

Confreda Farms On Scituate Avenue in Hope, RI

The ride up Scituate Avenue to Confreda farms was a colorful scenery of fall colored leaves and trees. Bright reds, oranges and yellows adorned the trees with splashes of green and brown. This time of year, the most popular time for visiting the Apple Orchards is around Halloween with the corn maze, hay rides and scary scarecrows.  Now that the haunted houses, pumpkin festivals and trick or treating is done; it’s time to focus on baked apple pies, caramel apples,apple cobbler and more!

I always love visiting  farms. They have a beautiful display of colorful mums for sale in huge flower pots. Also, there are plenty of fall decorations and scarecrows that will make your home look so festive for fall. Plenty of parking is available here. It is easily accessible and you can view the greenhouse with all the flowers and assorted gifts in the gift shop.


I also saw two boxes of Christmas decorations being put on shelves.

As soon as I entered the main store, the smell of fresh baked apple pie filled the air.  Confreda farms has a great assortment of baked pies such as apple, blueberry and fruits of the harvest pies but they sell out quick, so get there early if you don’t do a special order. They also have some specialty items such as several different kinds of hot chocolate mix.

Cocoa, salted caramel cocoa and peppermint cocoa made my mouth water as I envisioned having a hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

There are also a wide variety of muffins and coffee cakes. Apples are also for sale and fresh vegetables as well. Fresh cold cuts are available which are freshly cut while you wait. You might want to try the baked apple pie which is a favorite of mine there. With the Thanksgiving Holiday on its way, you might want to stock up on your goodies now! 

Jaswell Farms On Swan Road in Smithfield

Once you start looking at the foliage and breathing the fresh fall air, you will want to visit Jaswell farms in Smithfield as well. This truly is a large Apple orchard farm with rows and rows of a pumpkin patch that was picked dry. Jaswell farms is beautifully located in Smithfield and a little out of the way but put it in  your Navigator and you will be all set.  There are so many different kinds of apples here that you just want to pick them up and bite into them.

The apples smell so fresh too! The one thing I love about this place is that they sell bags of apples, all peeled and ready to make pie with, so you can bake your own pie easily and quickly. They also have fresh apple cider for sale and apple critters. The fresh apple flavored cinnamon donuts were flying off the shelves. The assorted pies included, Dutch apple, blueberry and squash. I bought the Dutch apple pie which was delicious because it’s topped with a cinnamon crunch topping.

Don’t forget to check out the caramel chocolate apples which are also delicious. S’mores caramel chocolate apples are also available. Jaswell farms also has assorted pastries of cinnamon twists, apple turnovers and muffins. There is also plenty of fresh honey and jams for sale.  So if you are looking for healthy fresh pies and treats, you will love to check this place out. You know what they say! “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!  

By the way, I bought a huge chocolate caramel apple, a Dutch apple pie, cinnamon twists and kettle corn! And I will eat all of it!

So, take a journey to Confreda farms or Jaswell farms for all your fall treats! Enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to take home an apple pie! Buon Apetito! Sent from my iPad
Joanne Giannini
Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative from Providence. A freelance journalist, consultant and writer, she has previously written commentary for The Providence journal, GolocalProv and WPRO radio. Contact her at