Giannini: What’s In? What’s Out? Friday November 23rd


What’s In

Happy Thanksgiving all! Bitter cold temperatures may have cancelled football games and outdoor activities, but that didn’t damper our Holiday!

We give thanks to all our service men and women who keep us safe, to our police and Fire who protect us here on the home front and to all in the medical profession who work during the Holidays to take care of the sick and needy. We are thankful to live In a country where we can chose to voice our opinions without fear. We are thankful to be with our loved ones and heart-fully miss our departed but know they are with us in our hearts!

Hold on tight to your loved ones and remember to be thankful for everyday together! 

The Clinton Affairs on A&E Network

I decided to watch this three night television event regarding  the Clinton alleged affairs. The history and details were from the 1990’s during the Clinton impeachment hearings.

Sad to say, it does not shed a good light on the goings on in Washington by all parties involved. The persecution of Monica Lewinsky was most troubling as the impeachment hearings went on. As a young intern of 23-year-old, Miss Lewinsky was pursued, recorded and threatened into testifying against President Clinton. Her mother was forced to testify against her own daughter. Many of the investigative team involved in this process are Washington insiders today. This mini series blows the “ Me Too” movement right out of the water. The despicable behavior by Linda Tripp is now memorialized in film and tape recordings. Her betrayal of Monica Lewinsky, a friend who trusted her with the goings on of  her affair with Clinton, leave you feeling perplexed and troubled. Lastly, the behavior of our then President Clinton portrays an unapologetic sexual predator who got away with his actions for decades. Not to mention the complete disregard of the alleged sexual allegations of at least five women by Hillary Clinton who decided to stand by her man no matter what he did.  People say we shouldn’t go back in time and talk about it. I say we should remember all the sides involved and not forget. Some of these people are still involved in our government and some aspire to be involved. Knowledge is power and we all need to see these tapes and transcripts to be informed.

Fane Tower Proposal

The Providence City Council has passed the proposal to build the high tower apartments on the I 95 land.

Opponents threaten to sue. This tower will be built. It’s time for everyone to start to make the best of it and make sure it is an asset to our community.

Our beloved Providence needs the development.  Mayor Elorza has said he will veto the proposal unless certain conditions are met. Let’s look forward to the best instead of the worse. Hopefully, it will be a success.

It’s success will depend on the right leadership to fight for its success and survival.

What’s Out

Recreational Marijuana

Shoppers stood in the pouring rain on Tuesday not to Christmas shop,but to get a chance to buy marijuana from two new dispensary stores that have opened. I was shocked to see the displays of all kinds of marijuana mixtures being offered. They even had cookies there! People stood in line and we’re excited as though it was a treasure! Recreational Marijuana is still illegal federally and not legal here in Rhode Island.

But wait! The Governor said she will be looking at it along with other leaders! I have so many questions to ask. Who will control the sale statewide? How can we do this if it’s illegal federally? Will law enforcement be involved? And who will be the ones to get the license to sell and operate these marijuana stores? Someone will make a lot of money. If it comes to pass will owners of stores be screened and vetted?  Who will these store owners be and will we know their names or will they be hid in corporations? Time will tell the story and we all have to be aware because this could be one of the most controversial pieces of legislation this year.

Wildfires in California

So many people have lost their homes In California due to raging fires.. Our hearts and prayers go out to California as they are battling the worse fires ever. We are thankful to the brave men and women of the fire and police departments who are saving lives as they are trying to save their own homes. Hopefully things will get under control but the loss of property and life has been severe that it will take a lot to rebuild and recover. 

On to the Holidays

Merry Christmas season is upon us! Get your tree and decorations ready! Santa Claus is coming to town! 

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