Podcast: Justuff League, What are the Tools of the Trade?


Check out the new Podcast Series, the Justuff League, which just released its second edition. It’s recorded here in Rhode Island. The Justuff League is the creation of a trio of the best in the business of collectibles, appraisals and auctions. Each Sunday the group will host a new podcast, which will be posted here on Monday morning.

This week’s edition features a discussion of what’s needed to succeed in the business. 

For instance, what are the tools of the trade?
When you start collecting and dealing in the antique world, you want to do it like a business. Because it IS a business. So, as the Boy Scouts would say, be prepared. Mental tools and physical tools. What’s the $4.99 tool that is so valuable, you’ll want to buy a bunch of them?  The importance of the people you know, and how that network of friends and contacts is an important tool in your toolbox.
Be prepared. Be friendly. Talk to strangers. Have an open mind.
Russell Moore
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