Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers to Feature Marilyn Monroe Lithograph on Saturday



Yes, you can be the new owner of this rare lithograph, Marilyn with Gold Roses (The Scar), from The Last Sitting for Vogue, 1962 by Bert Stern. Done shortly before her death, Marilyn pushed her hair back and posed with her very recent scar clearly visible, believed to be one of the only posed nude images of her, with the scar, which was from a recent gall bladder surgery.

According to Scott Fortner, in an article for Collectors Week, “A lot of people think Marilyn really was the dumb blonde and pinup that she portrayed. She was actually very smart and shrewd. She was careful about the decisions and choices she made when it came to what films she would be in, and even in statements she made in public.” So, we are left wondering, did Marilyn know that this rare pose would be more valuable with the scar, than without? It is estimated to sell at auction for between $3,000 and $5,000.

Now – for the completely eclectic…a George Rhoads Audio Kinetic Ball Machine Sculpture will delight collectors and techies, alike, with something a little different, that is a perfect example of form and function – not only is it a valuable piece of art, it functions to relax us, slowing life down for a tinkling respite. Not to speak of the cats who will be entranced watching as the ball strikes coils, and metallic polychrome wind chimes, sounding much like a xylophone. This writer can’t help but think back to the kids game, Mousetrap. But, while a vintage game of Mousetrap might fetch $100 at auction, this auditory and visual delight is expected to fetch $3,000 – $5,000. This is an early individual work of Rhoades, of Chicago, circa late 60s we think, who later did very large collaborative sculptures with Rockstream Studio, and Creative Machines. If Rhode Island truly IS a new home of technology-savvy businesses, we expect this delight will be staying right here in the collection of a local bidder.  

Both of these items are featured in the September estate antiques and fine art auction of Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers, featuring over 450 lots curated from collections and estates across the country. From fine art to Tiffany lamps (est. $25K to $120K!), and even two vehicles, a 1922 Ford Model T hack truck and a 1929 Ford Model A pickup truck, this auction is known worldwide, and happening right here in Rhode Island.

The auction starts at 10am, Saturday, September 22nd, at Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers, 63 Fourth Avenue, in Cranston, right off Elmwood Avenue.  Can’t make it down? You, too, can bid, in real time (but you won’t be able to see the action in the gallery) through one of their 9 online auction platform partners as well as on their free app for your phone – just search for “Bruneau and Co” and register prior to Saturday morning. The Bruneau folks work hard to bring the often mysterious and sometimes off-putting world of collecting and auctions into the light and accessible for younger audiences as well as lifelong collectors.



Nancy Thomas
Nancy Thomas is a public relations consultant, and owner of Tapestry Communications. With 30 years in healthcare promotions and executive management, she enjoys creative writing and the telling of stories. She especially enjoys working with authors to promote their books.