Safford: You May Have Liked Avengers: End Game, But I Hated It (SPOILERS AHEAD)


As a movie goer Endgame was great. But I hated it.

Hear me out.

It looked good. It left us with good feelings.

Sure, it moved a little slow. But it was just slow enough to make it feel like the epic end to the MCU phase 3.

They set up Guardians of the Galaxy 3 guest starring Fat Thor. Imagine? They reset the Gamora/Quill love story.

They put Spiderman back in high school with a skrull. They passed the shield to Falcon, although the hammer didn’t seem to make it back to 2019–so that was interesting.

Will this character appear in future Marvel movies? James Safford thinks so!

They set up all of the Disney Plus shows planned for the future. Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, and Scarlet Witch all seem to have something left in the tank.

All Set Up

And even Loki will likely return since they left that door wide open with a sympathetic Banner being the finger snapper. Remember, Banner said that he tried to bring other people back when he had the new gauntlet. Why not Loki who he had just built a report with in Thor Ragnarok?

Yes, yes I know. When he got away with the Tesseract at Stark tower and they had to go back to 1970 to steal it again there is still a Loki alive kicking around somewhere. So either way Loki lives but I’d like to give Banner the credit anyway as time travel gives me a headache.

The Disney Plus shows were all set up. Aging actors with costly contracts were killed off. And phase 4 of the MCU has begun.

Basically, they hit the reset button. And that’s why I hated it.

It bothers me when they rewrite a film that will mean so much to so many to cater to some whiny Hollywood actor trying to support their flamboyant lifestyle. It bothers me when they do ridiculously ludicrous rewrites to simply appeal more demographic audiences.

I Hated It

For instance, Captain Marvel was a black female in the comics back when George Michael was in Wham. Why change that? Why make her white and Nick Fury African American?

Why would you even write Captain Marvel into Infinity War? Adam Warlock is staring you in the face as the greatest Marvel superhero/villain of all time. Warlock takes the gauntlet at the end of Infinity Gauntlet. (And that’s what we really watched, Ifinity Gauntlet, not Infinity Wars. You watched Gauntlet named Wars. Warlock defeats Thanos with Nebula landing the final blow in the Infinity Gauntlet comic run.)

They mashed up two amazing story lines, wrote out the main catalyst that made everything make sense, and then race/sex shamed themselves into swapping character appearances for characters that have decades of backstories…why?

Why Do These Bad Things?

What makes it worse is that they set up a Warlock entrance with the last Guardians of the Galaxy by putting his female counterpart (Her) in the movie and then showing his cocoon as an Easter egg!!!!

All that, only to leave him out?????Why!!!????

Warlock makes for the perfect transition figure into Infinity War, (which should have been in phase 4 with Infinity Gauntlet in phase 3) as he is both good and evil with an alter ego (Magus).

Also, they don’t return the stones in the comic. Warlock takes the gauntlet at the end of Infinity Gauntlet and THAT starts the Infinity Wars!

Warlock serves as the perfect anti hero who saves the day only to become the villain and then a hero again. He is more powerful than Captain Marvel and they spent time setting him up only to leave it hanging for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. If they were looking for a transition villain, they didn’t need to look too hard. Jim Starlin gift wrapped it for you!!!!!!!!

It didn’t work for me. People always complain about how they liked the books better when something is made for the big screen. I didn’t do that with the other movies because they were setting up a huge finale…and to me it flopped.

Another Flop

It wasn’t about the fans. It was about what they needed to do. Kill off Stark and Rogers and do it with style and set up the Disney Plus shows. If they perform well we will get more blockbusters. If they flop…that’s curtains.

Remind me how Stark was able to take the gauntlet off so easily this time? Was it because it was his tech? Did we miss that somewhere? Did he write a failsafe into the programming so he could just ninja that shit off at will? Keep in mind Thanos was still dead when he made it. So why even consider that?

Chris Helmsworth tweeted about his contract ending in 2018. Said his farewells to the MCU and then all of a sudden he is poised for GoTG 3…money? Filming schedule?

They had one job with Endgame. Don’t kill the franchise. You do that by setting up phase 4 properly. They didn’t do that. I believe that what they did was set phase 4 up to fail on the big screen and perform on Disney Plus. They will certainly do well with the Disney Plus shows but that’s it.

If Guardians 3 is a flop Marvel is dead. That’s at least until they can merge the Fox content with the MCU. All new Xmen actors. All new Avengers. All new everything and it’s because of money. Forget about money. And damn you, Marvel, for leaving Adam Warlock out of the Adam Warlock story.

James Safford
James Safford is a Renaissance man. He's interested in sports, politics, comics, movies, and writing about these things. Send him email at


  1. Great article.

    I liked it. But, I got kind of confused. I think I missed a movie in there somewhere. I didn’t know who the white hair chick was. I also didn’t think they needed to make Thor so fat and dumpy. Now that they officially have time travel, they can bring back any character in a mere moment socintracts really don’t matter. I kind of like that Lokie is hanging around. Kind of wish they could have brought back vision.

    I’ll have to watch it over a few times.


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