Fecteau: RI GOP’s Vargas is Far From Independent

Providence's state House Candidate Luis Vargas is being far from truthful about his political affiliation. He is a Republican insider.

'Independent' House Candidate Vargas has difficulty telling people the truth: he is a Republican Insider.

LUIS. VARGAS. IS. A. FRAUD. Someone that claims to be something he is not because of his craven, yet insecure desire for power.

Back in 2014, when I first met Providence’s ‘Independent’ state house candidate Luis Vargas at his campaign kickoff, he told me he was a proud member of the Rhode Island GOP; a number of Republicans attended his event as well; he even talked about supporting conservative policies. However, Vargas has a bad memory lately running as an ‘Independent’ candidate against Democrat state House Representative Joe Almeida.

Perennial independent state House candidate Vargas hopes to be an ‘honest’ voice for South Providence and Washington Park. He now claims he has no or minimal Republican ties to just about everyone outside of the Rhode Island Republican Party — including me! Just ask him and see for yourself (excuse his condescending and arrogant manner because the force is strong in this one). Make a game of it; watch him squirm and pivot towards other issues as a distraction (how many disingenuous statements can he make in a minute?). Watch him try to manipulate and distort the facts. He is unlikely to succeed because he isn’t that good at it frankly, but give him credit for trying.

His favorite answer is he “never ran” as a Republican (true), but he ran as an Independent for mere strategic reasons; secretly telling his Republican comrades he is a conservative through and through (Sssssssshhhhhh! Don’t Tell!). Republicans, after all, are deeply disliked in Providence so that would be a political kiss of death. Instead, Vargas does what many of the ‘Democrat in Name Onlys’ or conservatives do in the General Assembly and change their respective party affiliation; simply to be electable.

When asked about his GOP ties, he made the following statement:

“I have worked with candidates in both parties because I recognize that the issues that face our state are not partisan, and I believe it is extremely important that we elect people based on who they are, not on what they’ve been labeled as. That is why I’m running as an Independent, on my own ideas – fixing our schools and improving educational outcomes, improving public safety, and passionately advocating for our community at the State House. It is why after speaking to hundreds of voters face to face, I am confident we will elect a new, honest voice up to the State House.”

It is all about being an ‘honest voice’ for ‘Independent’ Vargas (excuse my sarcasm). Vargas is not just a Republican; he is an entrenched Republican Party insider, far from independent. According to campaign filings, he is on the GOP Providence Ward Committee and running for re-election on that said committee. In addition, he has been appointed to numerous positions in the Rhode Island Republican Party including the Director of Community Development and as a board member of the Rhode Island Republican Liberty Caucus. Vargas additionally ran for GOP secretary in 2015. He also worked on Republican Senate candidate Michael Smith’s campaign as manager. I mean with a track record like this, if you look insider up in the dictionary, you’ll probably see Vargas’s picture.

Vargas featured on the ‘Rhode Island Republicans’ Website as a GOP official. (http://rirepublicans.us/currently-elected/)

As the old saying goes: “If it walks like a duck…” Disregard all the thorough research for a second, just Google ‘Vargas GOP Rhode Island’ to see for yourself – not pretty.  These are cold, hard facts which Vargas tends to ignore especially when talking to people that have a basic understanding of reality. He also strangely forgets his Republican ties even when asking Democratic groups for support; he says he was always independent.

‘Independent’ state House candidate Vargas watching the GOP presidential debates at the Republican HQ; he takes a break to speak to Channel 10.

No one is quite sure about Vargas’s motives. Vargas may be attempting to play the Rhode Island Republican Party for fools so he can build up his name recognition or secure resources, yet only Vargas knows his true intentions. The evidence overwhelmingly points to Vargas supporting an unpopular Republican agenda which the people of Providence would likely oppose especially with Mr. Donald Trump in the White House.

This charade needs to end so the voters of Providence can make an informed decision about who they want to represent them – a Republican or Democrat. Vargas is disgustingly dishonest and shameful; he insults not only to the people of Providence but the English language for that matter — the word ‘independent’ shouldn’t leave his mouth! Vargas should furthermore strip ‘honest’ from his vocabulary because his behavior is far from it.



  1. Which one of the 6 or 7 voices in Fectau’s deranged mind decided to write this steaming pile of dung? He’s so disgruntled about not getting elected (and not even being considered remotely relevant in the Democrat party he worships so much) that he has to dream up garbage like this. Matt – take a month off and check yourself into Butler – you obviously need professional help – especially if you hate non-Democrats so much that you support re-electing embezzlers over other decent honest hard-working people just because they don’t tow your corrupt party’s line.

    Russ Moore – I had high hopes for your new venture with this site, but letting psychopaths like Fectau post trash like this makes this site look like worse than the National Enquirer.

    • More concerned about the direction of the state than the Democratic Party. Maybe I am irrelevant in the party? Don’t care.

      However, Vargas repeatedly lied and misled the voters and people like me. It was about time something like this was written.

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